Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Houston Bound, Cami's Bday, First Family Vacation!

I am having a very hard time getting pictures to upload to my blog.  It's a long process that takes time but I'm no quitter and I'm not stopping this little blog almost 6 years in :) Slowly but surely I'll get caught up.  I'm 2 months and about 30 posts behind!AHHH!

We decided to take our first family vacation in July to Houston and San Antonio.  A girl I met in my July moms facebook group invited all the Texas ladies to her daughters birthday party.  Her party is a big deal because she was born a micro preemie and it's a miracle she 's here!   We thought it would be the perfect way to meet my new friends in person and to visit some family along the way. 

Honey bear is the best traveler ever!

Little handsome helped Dada drive to the back of our hotel parking lot....

These two were SO hyped about being in a hotel.  Even Hason was hyper and excited.  We just laughed watching how thrilled they were to be in a new place.  Just precious it was!

One of my very last times nursing him :(  I had pretty much dried up.  Makes me incredibly sad that this season is over in my life.  I have loved nursing more than almost anything in life.  I wish I could have kept going till he was too.  Ok enough on that or I'm gonna cry.

The next day we got fancy for Cami's birthday party!

And here's the little doll herself!!! I held back tears when I saw her.  Didn't want Amanda to think I was nuts.  I said many a prayers for this little girl last year!  She's here! She's healthy and full of personality this one! A beautiful little soul.

Cami was born at 25 weeks and 5 days.

I tell ya it was the most surreal thing seeing her outside of the womb like this because I got a real life glimpse of what Hason looked like inside of me since they were almost the same age.  It was humbling. I remember being at the park with Brielle when I found out she was born.  I cried for Amanda and her family.  I knew they had a tough road ahead.  You can't help but wonder why Cami and not Hason?  God is good all the time though.

But look how far she's come.  She is up to speed on everything a one year old should be doing and she's a big girl too haha, you'd never know she started out so tiny :)

So not only did I get to  meet Amanda and Cami but Barbara and the left also lives in Houston and Cassie on the right flew in from Chicago with Cissy to be with us as well.  I knew I'd love them, and I did!

This is Kris, she's with Barbara and they have the most handsome little boy named Sebastian.
I loved that Kris and Hase had the same cool haircut!

And this is Sebastian....isn't he a doll!!!

This was about the best we could get of all of them.

Laney got tired and decided to sit on the birthday girl haha.

This lady is no the less divalicious.

 It was a Minnie Mouse theme party.  Amanda did a beautiful job decorating!

I was surprised at how many moms with babies Amanda knew.  Reminded me of all my friends back in Amarillo.

We laughed at how small Cissy was compared to Hason.  She was about 17lbs and he was about 24lbs.  What a huge difference of dead weight 7lbs makes! 

Brielle and Maddy.  Maddy is Dawns daughter.  Dawn is from little Elm and just 40 minutes from me.  Her baby is also Hason's age. I'm so glad Brielle had a friend to play with.

There's Laney and Dawns hubby Carey.

Here's the who group together.  I can't even tell you how blessed I feel to have met them and have them in my life now!  It so surreal that this little group of 80 women I joined over a year ago has turned into real life friendships.  I miss them all so much. Each of them are so beautiful inside and out!  Cannot wait for our next get together.  It was fun having so many 1 year olds in one place!

The hubbies kept the kiddos that night so the girls could have a night out to get to know each other better.

We had a lot of grown up fun and immature fun that night :) Never grow up!

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