Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 months and Easter

Brielle is 5 months old...what are you up to...

*you have rolled over from you back to tummy now
*you have started sleeping in your own room
*you sleep on your side from time to time
*you can sit with your back straight now and not hunched over, you can't sit by yourself yet but with a boppy you do pretty good!
*you laughed outloud for the first time at a man in a cowboy had at dairy queen ha!
*you are still eating cereal and are about ready to start those greens!
*I'm guessing you are about 15lbs and your are wearing size 2 diapers

This was Brielles first Easter and what a pretty day it was. I am ready for this warm weather! Here are a few pics from her big day....she made $18.00 from her easter eggs, imagine what she'll get next year when she's walking!