Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday Landon!!!

Landon's Birthday was on the 21st.  Brielle and I spent our day getting ready to celebrate.

I saw a recipe for oreo/peanut butter brownie cupcakes...that had Landon written all over it so I've been planning for months to make that for his B Day.  I'm not much of a fan of peanut butter except for on sandwiches and Reese's pieces so I made some for me minus the peanut butter.


I said "Brielle what color candle do you think dad would want?"  She said "PINK! Dad likes Pink" lol.

She just loves practicing her name now! I need Aunt Emily to teach her how to hold the pen though cause I have no idea how to do that and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong.

He was surprised but not all the way ...apparently a couple days before she went up to him and said "Dad you got a surprise, you got man drinks, but I can't tell you" in a very sweet high pitched matter of fact voice haha.  I remember my mom telling me a similar story about me. I told my dad..."daddy you got house shoes but I"m not going to tell you, you got house shoes" Like mother like daughter?

For dinner we tried out a new restaurant in town.  It was pretty cool, kinda like a bar environment minus the smoking and it had video games for the adults and kids.

Holy Smokes this was so good!

Look how stinking smart my kid is....can you spot her on the pedals haha! Genius and teamwork!
Landon always swore he'd never sit this way...always made fun of his dad, grandpas' and cousins for doing it.......Well look who's found a new comfortable position.....

Haha!  I love you babe and hope you enjoy the last of your 20's!!!

I've been blessed to be a part of the past 13 of your birthdays!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Is Brielle Crying....

I needed to use the computer for 10 seconds

I told her to stop coloring so we could take her to the zoo.
Landon wouldn't carry her down the stairs. 

She asked where dad was, I said "poopin" she went to see if he was actually in the bathroom and he wasn't, so she cried.
 A meatball fell on the floor
She mixed her yogurt wrong (whatever that means, and got it in her hair)

Because Hason hasn't come out yet........
And here's some just because............ 

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short.
No Matter What You'll Always Have My Heart!


I want to get some one on one time in with my girl before baby gets here.  Last week I took her to Lego Land for the first time.

Her first reaction was complete excitement and joy.............HA!
There was a castle/knight ride at the beginning before you go in where you get to shoot bad guys from your cart.  If you have little kids I suggest you skip that...I didn't know you could.  It was kinda scary, I felt bad for her.

She's so timid and scared of things sometimes, I guess that means my next one will be fearless.

Just get some race cars involved and it's all better.

The princess palace looked sooo cute

but was a complete let down....seriously...that's all that's in there and hardly any legos to play with at all.  I also didn't like that all they had were the blocks, no princesses or knights or horses or zoo animal figures.

This was really cool, they had a room with miniature buildings mimicked after buildings here in Dallas. We loved that.

I was pretty disappointed with the place...from the outside it looks  big and awesome but in reality the inside didn't have THAT much for the kids to do. For instance there was only one race track for the cars and two racing hills...we had to wait our turn a couple times and this was a random Tuesday, I couldn't imagine paying what they charge and going on a Saturday when it's super packed.  It could have been bigger with more things for the kids to do for the money.  Luckily I went on toddler Tuesday (cheap day) Also the tables with the bins they keep all the legos in are tall and the bins are deep so any kid under the age of 4 can't reach them...I had to grab a handful and put them on a bench so Brielle could design her car. Just some information for you parents who haven't been there before, try to go on a cheap non weekend day to get your moneys worth!
The coolest part were the police bumper cars in the back room but of course Brielle was just a tad to small to ride and that was what she really wanted to do.  I felt so bad for her I bought her a cookie.

Then we went into the theater to watch a 4D movie.  It was sooo fun and cute watching her reaction to the life like characters coming out of the screen, she jumped back a couple times haha and reached out to touch things. That was our favorite part.  There was a little dragon in the movie and when he sneezed water squirted all over us lol, Brielle thought that was pretty funny.