Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back in the Grind

Back home where I belong after being gone almost two weeks. My stomach will thank me because it has been super upset ever since I went to Destin. That's the downfall to eating super clean.

This guy punished me for leaving him for so long. He was a terror and very unmanageable for about two weeks after I got back.  ALMOST not worth going. But now I feel like I need another vacation ha! 

We decided to put Brielle in soccer for the fall to see if she liked it and if she showed any interest in playing sports.  She's always been in gymnastics and such so this was something new and exciting.

Classic Hason fit.  It's much much MUCH louder and more obnoxious than a picture could ever lead on.

Now that's a bad bump right there. Poor baby. 

These Babes of Mine

I love cuddly babies after bath time

That belly!

And if this isn't the tastiest thing I've ever seen.  This boy tans so easily too as you can see.

He insists on eating everything with a spoon or a fork, even almonds.

Brielle fell and scraped her knee.  So of course littel brother needed a bandaid too.  I have a pic identical to this with Sherry Ann when we were little :)

Fall softball started back up and there was actually an early game for once so we all got to go!

I was impressed with how well Hason behaved and how much he paid attention.  Hopefully we have a baseball player in the making!

My work buddy.  Can't get many emails answered like this, but I don't mind.

Who needs a plate when you can eat left overs straight outta the tupperware.

  Little brother threw a few fits the first few soccer  practices Brielle had cause he wanted to play.  He finally found a way to occupy himself.  Boys and their dirt!

The Reception

Reception time!  How cute is this!?  They had all their guest write a little note on jenga pieces. 


Introducing Mr and Mrs Thomas!

I adore this picutre!

HAHA him and his friends are close, REAL close.

Those of you who know me know I do not dance, unless it's a very special occasion or I've had a big too much to drink.  But I LOVED dancing with my Dawey!

He's a good little dancer and enjoys going out country western dancing and swinging the gals around. 

Katie had a trick up her sleeve... leg... a couple of hot wheels tucked into her garter since Derrick loves cars so much.  How sweet is that.  

My amazing family!

When we were little we all took a camping trip to Clarendon Lake, I'm not even sure that's the real name but that's what we called it.  I had to ask Natalie where we went cause I can never  remember details like that and she remembers eeeeeeverything.  IIm not sure why but it was a very memorable trip for all of us.  Nothing significant happened it was just one of the few times we all went on a trip together.  Darn our parents for not taking us on trips all together more often.  I'm sure we were a handful though.  Anywho,  the song for that trip was "XXX's and OOO's" by Trisha Yearwood.  We each had a part and sang it that whole weekend.  
Well Natalie and Kasey had the genius idea to play that at the reception.  (why didn't I think of that!)   They cleared the dance floor and just us cousins (and the bride of course) got up and danced and sang.  I'm crying thinking about it.  Such a special fun, magical, intimate moment we got to have together that took us back to our childhood.  I love my family more than words and if you know me you know I love when people bust out in song in the movies so when it happens in real life my heart could explode with happiness haha. 

My sister Sherry Ann didn't come to the wedding because her and her fiance had already planned a trip to the mountains for earlier that year.  (that's why she isn't in photos, no we did not leave her out)  Her loss cause she missed out on an incredible bonding experience that brought us all even closer together.  Hason couldn't come cause he was going through a major terrible two's crisis and Landon had to stay with him, plus the flights were insane.  I missed my hubby.  I missed Hason a little ha. 

So another part of my job that day was being in charge of the dollar dance.  If you paid to dance with either the bride or groom I was to collect the money and then give that person a shot of liquor haha, I like their ways in Michigan.  Weeellll being the social butterfly I am and considering the really good mood I was in from being surrounded by family I may or may not have taken a little shot along with the people coming though that line lol and some of them didn't want theirs so I took theirs too.  You can imagine how much fun I had at the party, I danced, I laughed I ran around like a hyper little kid who couldn't sit still from giddiness.    

Oh we're getting sappy! I love it!

Natalie was about as giddy as I was that night :)

After the reception we went out back and did cartwheels and tricks and laughed and ran and acted a fool.  Until Colt came out there with his big scary self and carried Natalie away over her shoulder so the rest of us would follow him in and stop our shenanigans.  I'm dying thinking about it.  We must have been so annoying to him and my mom. She kept asking us if we could leave yet but we just ignored her and ran away to play some more.  You'd never guess I was 33 right?  When with family we become little kids again.  I never wanna grow up and lose that wonder and fun.  

We calmed down a little for a photo with Natalie and Sasha's long lost cousins they hadn't seen in years.  Derrick and Kaytie took off on a motorcycle and that was the end of the night.  Actually it wasn't.  We convinced the mother of the bride to keep the DJ on more hour so we could play some gangsta music since all the old people had mostly gone home by then ha!

We were so so so incredibly sad to go home the next day.  But we had on more moment of nonsense to carry out.  Y'all know I love jumping pics.  (that guy in the background, lol the things that must have been going through his mind)

I can't help it I jump cute and Natalie can barely get off the ground and Kasey well.... 

We all left with our hearts full and overflowing.  Could not have asked for a better weekend!!!  Thank you Lord for these blessings!