Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fish Are Friends Not Food

Finally Finally I got Landon to dress up for Halloween, I can't remember the last time we did this.  

We found a carnival/trunk or treat at Garden Ridge Church of Christ and it's my favorite.  They have games for the kids where they can win real prizes not just candy.  They also have trunk or treat and bounce houses... PLUS they feed you for free!! Hot dogs and frito pies with chili from their chili cook off.  How neat is that!

Later we stopped by Lita's so they could get their special gifts.

Then we went trick or treating with my friend Amy and her husband Steven and their little girl Ava.  She is such a doll!!  Hason loved that they brought a wagon for him tor ride in with Ava.

After the kiddie stuff me and Natalie hit up the Glass Cactus for an adult costume party!  I've never been there before and it was a cool bar!  I went as a trap queen since that was my song of the summer.  I later learned trap queen means a lot of different things that aren't so nice but I'm gonna go with a "ride or die" kinda gal :)

This guy made my night!! Remember this?  It may have been a tad to soon to joke about it but I thought he was brilliant.

What fun dancing the night away.  The bar tender remembered me as the girl who wanted the "cheapest" liquor for my drinks.  I don't like to drink or eat my money,  I'd rather have something tangible like a handbag or shoes :) 

After all the Halloween fiasco's I took the kiddos to trade their candy in for some dough.  

I love it cause the kids can get some toys at the dollar tree as well as this goodie bag full of great coupons and snacks.  

Brielle's 6!

My sweet honey bear turns 6.  Aunt Kitty and Uncle Colt mailed her a set of princess dolls and she adored them. 

So did brother, he insisted on getting half to play with.

He took his princesses everywhere ha.

Sometimes on Friday evenings I'll take the kiddos to Mcdonalds at like 4:30 and let them play until Landon meets us at 6 then we all eat dinner there.  It's a nice way to kill and evening and let them get energy out.  Plus me and Brielle and Hason love Mcdonalds!

This kid is the sweatiest kid you will ever meet!  Other kids will be playing just as hard but he's the only one sopping wet!

Brielle wanted a Belle party this year.  She also wanted to have it at Chuck E Cheese.  Since it's kinda expensive to have a ton of kids there and in Kindergarten I feel like you still have to invite the whole class or no one we told her that she could have it there but we would only invite family and sweet girl was fine with that.  She loves her cousins so much that's all she needs anyways.

I have some great women in my life!

Her dress ruffles worked in her favor by accumulating a ton of tickets in them ha!

Sasha's gift cracked me up.

Nobody knows...

She spent the next day playing with her gifts.

And doing crafts with Nonna.

Sweet baby clears off his spot at the table and put it in the sink.  He gets so confused though with Trash and Sink.  I always find yogurt cups in the sink and spoons in the trash haha.  At least he tries. 

Landon got her a Frozen craft table so she can have her own little spot to do her art.  Good idea dad!

We also get her, her first Bible.

Treated everyone to my super tasty chicken pot pies.

That evening we took the kiddos to Brielle's gymnastics place because they were hosting a Halloween fun night.

I couldn't help myself...

Crazy hair day.  Creepy Crawly Spider!

She had her 6 year check up.
  She is 44 1/2 inches tall, the 36 percentile
41.2 lbs the 28th percentile (skinny lanky little think just like her momma was at that age)
BMI 32%
The Dr. said at this rate she will be 5'4 or 5'5.  I am 5'5 1/2 and would love to be 5'4.  I feel like you can wear bigger heels at that height  and girls who are smaller have more curves in all the right places and I love curves :) 

Sweet thing! So lucky she is ours.  She brings so much joy. 

A creative artist and superb reader comprised of a big heart with God as her might.  Observant as all get.  Possesses a scanty pain tolerance.  Will eat anything.  A dress up queen and lover a of all things fancy.  A joy.