Friday, February 27, 2015

Christmas Break

After Christmas my sister Kasey and her husband and my nephew dogs left to start their new lives in New York City. We are all so happy and excited for them but oh so sad too.  She's living out her dreams, I told her through tears that she has stupid dreams haha ;)  It was really hard saying bye.  I'm having to learn to let go and that my dream of all of us living in the same city will never be, it's good for me I guess cause it's practice for when my babies leave me.  

We turned to retail therapy to ease our woes. It didn't help much.....

At least my honey bear won't be moving away anytime soon.  She says she's gonna live next door to us and come visit every weekend.  Gosh I hope so! That would be my dream!  I would live on a block with all our families if I could! 

How adorable are our matching vests Kaytie got us last year for Christmas.

Spending a little time at Barnes and Noble on a blistery day.

When did Hason turn 10?!

If you read my blog you know my aunt doesn't like to give the kids any of their gifts along with everyone else.  She always does it in private, she wants all their attention haha.  She got Hason this precious little chair stool and Brielle 3 different containers of kinetic sand. 

This happens when you have a sister....

He also loves to get in the darn drawer of the train table to play, I guess standing up is too much for him haha.  He has managed to break the drawer doing this, that think wasn't made to hold a man's weight ha.

After Christmas we managed to go up and visit our cousins for the day.

They get lots of energy out when they are together.

Christmas Day Brunch

 I pride myself on being a thrifty shopper and finding the best possible deal.  I do not have to have new things, in fact I feel ripped off if I ever buy something new.  Landon works way too hard for me to waste money, especially on things that don't hold value.  I mean someone actually went out and paid over $50 for that race car track in the picture below and I got it for $12! I guess to each their own but I can't do that.  I've learned over the years that kids stuff is not worth paying full price for, they like it for a hot minute then they're over it. 

My sweet little Brielle, she is the most unmaterialistic person I  know.  We will see how it is when she's older but as of now she just doesn't care for things.  All she wanted from Santa were Frozen house shoes, Bless her heart.  So I also got her a princess lego castle  (brand new but discounted cause the box was a bit smashed   For real though... I have never been in the store with her where she would beg for a toy or insist on going down the toy isle.  When she is given the choice to buy something once in a blue moon she can't decide... not cause there are so many options but cause there's never anything she really wants.  She's so precious in that way.  Now the other kid we have... his eyes just about pop outta his head when he sees the toy isle and tries insists that we open every box for him haha.  He's gonna be a mess that one!

Curious as to why mom and dad and sister are so excited!  UM, Santa came!!!

Now it's time for gifts!  I started the tradition of not putting the kids names on their presents but wrapping their gifts in a particular paper and putting a piece of that paper in the bottom of their stocking.  They don't know which wrapping paper is there's until they pull it out on Christmas morning.  

I got Landon an apple slicer cause he's been griping for months about having to use a knife, the struggle is real.

Then I surprised him with a Kindle Fire, he had not a hunch that I was getting that for him, he was pretty stoked and so was I!  I love having a job so I can give my man gifts he so deserves.

The kiddos got about 5 presents each and that includes their Santa presents.   Brielle got a set of 20  playdohs, a doc mcstuffins outfit, and the game headbandz.  She adores that game and that was her favorite gift of all. 

Hason got two books, my personal favs when B was little, they are called "That's not my ____" by Fiona Watt.  They are the most precious touch an feel books.  He also got another race car track.   I ordered a lot off of amazon since you can find great used stuff for a great price and free shipping!   

Next they opened their gifts from Nonna.  

Nonna got Brielle her first tablet, she will enjoy that! 

Some Kendra Scott earrings for an earring lover....

I was hosting brunch at my house so Sherry Ann and I got to work.

James babysat Bently,  that dog is so cute but soooo bad!

B wasn't gonna let us get away without playing headbandzs.  It's Disney theme, how cute is that!

How funny they got Pooh and Piglet.   Landon hates us cause we have always called him (not Landon, the bear)  Weenie the Pooh, I had no idea till I was older it was Winnie, I thought Weenie was a weird name for him haha!

Sooo in our white elephant gift exchange Sherry Ann got Natalie's gift which was from Restoration Hardware!!  It included a plush throw blanket and some feather down house shoes.  I stole them from her  and she pouted and cried like a darn baby.  Then Yasmin my aunt stole them from me so they were frozen.  My aunt being the fabulous person she is and loving her nieces as her own re wrapped them both and gave Shern the blanket and me the house shoes ( I adore house shoes and hate my feet being cold)  

Then I started kicking Sherry Ann's ass with my house shoes for being such a baby and making Yasmin feel bad for taking these in the first place.  I also made her pitch in and get my aunt a throw blanket for herself :)

Reindeer games....

B and Nonna making pretzel peppermint candy.  Everyone was cursing her for making these cause they were so addictive and you couldn't just have a few.  

I love comparisons,  Here is this year and last year.  
Our last 3 Christmas's as a family of 4.  Hase was in my belly in the first one :)

It was incredibly nice getting to spend Christmas day in our own home, it was relaxing. We have always had somewhere else to be Christmas day so we've never just spent the whole day at home.  I so look forward to this every other year :)