Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheer Texas Play Time!

Every Friday Cheer Texas has open gym....It's $5 and your kiddos can jump and play to their hearts content! I normally work Fridays but last week I didn't so I took advantage and joined several girlfriends there for some fun!
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Brielle's face of amazement!

James was super excited as well!

James' twin sisters, they are six months old.

The trampolines were in the ground so I didn't have to worry about someone falling off.

Rush doing his doggy tummy move from gymnastics

Sara and Rachel, they are so sweet.

Lauren and Parker
Oh the foam pit! That was sooo fun, B didn't want to jump in herself but she did like me tossing her in. (I wanted to fall in on "accident" it looked so comfy!)

We are totally having Brielle's birthday party here next year!

Hut Hut!

My sweet friends and half the kids, the other ones were running loose!

It was a blessed morning with my girl to say the least!

We stayed the whole 2 hours but she was tuckered out by the end.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

President's Day

Landon was off for Presidents day so Brielle and I skipped Bible study and spent the day together as a family, Landon hasn't had a chance to take B to the WT indoor pool so we spent the day in good ole Canyon TX.

The water was a bit cold.

After the pool we ate at a new sandwich/shake place in town.....The sandwiches were delish and they had a lot of fancy fun drinks!
This was their cute menu.........

mmmmmmm Pickles!

We couldn't go home without stopping at the Cake Company for some dessert.

B got a cookie

Landon got a root beer float cupcake and I got a snicker doodle cupcake.....They were as good as they look too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh how I love clothes!

Some things I am loving right now........
Clothing by Judith March! Her stuff is sooo adorable, I have the shorts and both dresses on order! She does a lot of cute game day dresses too!

I used to hate the color orange but it's become one of my favorites now! I never wear navy either but I think I need to venture our in my wardrobe of colors.

I love the crochet that is in this season....We have a dress similar to this one coming into the English Rose. It's actually a nude color with some sparkles scattered around the hip area. It also has a slip underneath it so you don't look like this girl in the picture ha, the best part is the slip underneath is short and the crochet part is long! Can't wait to get it in!
I also love sheer overlays, too bad I can't find one anywhere.

I would love to find a sheer maxi skirt like this one to wear over a romper for the summer!
Sheer Pants! These I did find and buy!
I bought these two pair of shorts to wear under my sheer black pants to give it a fun different look....

I love the my newest nail poish color, it's called Disco Doll and by the time I f finished painting one hand the other was dry!!!

I am so ready for summer and all the cute clothes that come with it, I don't like winter clothes at all and I have a love hate relationship with coats, I hate them cause the hide your cute outfits but I love them cause I HATE being cold!
If it doesn't sell out this will be my swimsuit for the summer! I looove me some black and white!
Too bad I won't look like her in it, after I'm finished having babies I will! Mark my words! (and hold me accountable when the time comes! ha)

And this will be Brielle's swimsuit! Love it!