Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kornegay 2011 Christmas

We started our Christmas Eve at my parents house. Hands down my mother makes the best dressing ever, it's my grandma's recipe past on from who knows when, all made from scratch. I have never learned how to make it so this year was the year to get my hands on the recipe!

My little love helped out too, she was more concerned with playing with the teapots behind her though.

Landon and I got my sister and Colton a gift card for a limo ride for their one year wedding anniversary this summer, they decided to save it and share with the rest of us!

Mom with her son in laws.

Brielle just looooved riding around in that thing! She kept saying "WEEEEE" and couldn't believe she didn't have to be in a carseat!

The 12 days of Christmas song came on (Muppet version) and we each took a day to sing, Derrick just happened to get stuck with the miss piggy part haha! That's why he looks so distraught here, that kid has the lowest voice ever and we couldn't stop laughing every time it was his turn. Good Times!

When we got back we let Brielle open her gifts early because the rest of us always wait until midnight to do ours.

It was sooo fun watching her this year, she understood a little more and was really excited about opening presents, next year she will completely grasp the concept I'm sure and I can't wait to see how excited she is then!
We are sooo happy Colton got to be with us this year, last year he was in Iraq. Thank you Jesus for bringing him back safe!

Uncle Derrick (Dawey) always comes up with the most clever gifts to give her, this year he made Brielle a turtle neck that said "I love my Dawey" on it of course! HAHA! Someones coincided!

Adorable house shoes that also doubled as a puppet!
She got a kick out of that!
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011
My mom helping Brielle open the special Christmas gift she made me!

I just about lost it!

What a thoughtful gift! Bless my moms heart too cause I know it wasn't easy getting a 2 year old to be this crafty and not just smear it everywhere haha!

The Boys
The Girls

We played a semi friendly game of musical chairs.
Here's Trent in action taking Natalie's chair right out from under her
Such a cute pouty face
This was the highlight of the evening......Kasey literally knocked our mom on her back from stealing her chair ha!
She still can't believe she's on the ground!
Ooohh look who finally decided to help her up
The Johnson's thought they ruled the game....
Until Derrick won! You always want to win in my mom's games ....there is always a nice cash prize!
I though it was cute they matched and didn't plan it.
My precious daddy and I
Next was the broom game, I think my mom made this one up but she loves to play it at all occasions......I hate it because I hate to dance! While the music is playing you pass the broom around and have to dance with it, the person holding the broom when the music stops is out.

Daddy was in charge of the music, the old man loved it! I still can't believe he stayed up till 2am!
Of course we had to have a jumping picture! My mom thought if she stood on the fireplace it would look like she jumped really high haha, she did have me fooled for a second.
I thought it would be hilarious to zoom in on the most ridiculous looking person in the pictures!
Haha, what a fruit loop! On Landon's defense he was trying to do a guitar hero move, didn't work out did it!
Gross, tummy hair!
How cute was daddy joining in, I love this picture with him in it!