Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Things

Landon got me a facial for Mother's Day and I finally got to use it and boy was it a nice little hour getaway! 

My long time friend Kaytie and her kiddos stopped in Dallas on their way home from vacation and we had a little sleep over.  Her daughter Bailey was so sweet with Brielle. 

Friends since sophomore year of high school 

The only way I can get daddy to get outta the house is to take him out to eat. He loves junk food so Burger King it was! Plus they have $1.50 nuggets right not ;) 

This summer we also spent a lot of Tuesday evenings on the Rosa's patio. It's Brielle's favorite restaurant. 

I did some baking with my girl...

Swimming with friends...

And getting dressed up to celebrate the bride to be...

Can't wait for the wedding! 

Family Date Night

My cousins dogs are so cute, they apparently love to play like this all the time.  I love it when dogs play.  Neely has always been too mature and too cool for wrestling around.  At least she swims though, I always  love a dog that loves the water as well. 

We planned a date night with my Aunt, Uncle and Mom.  I saw this cool looking place one day and made a note "pinned it" to go there soon.   It's called Towers Tap House, it's right on the water and next door to the wake boarding park so we got to watch people wake board.  Their patio is FAB!

After we went for Ice Cream.  I bout died when Landon got tongue tied and asked for the chocolate chub bahahahaha,  the guy behind the counter was amused too.  

Everyone slid into the booth and when my aunt realized she wasn't sitting next to her love she wasn't having it. HA! She be climbing over the seat like a kid.

The next morning we met back up for church with everyone and then lunch at mommy and daddy's favorite, Texas Roadhouse.  We like to stay away from restaurants like that cause there are so many new ones we would like to try but hey, we gotta humor the parents sometimes right.

It was a bow tie kinda day :)

Rhys release

My friend Rhys is one of 5 getting married this summer.  We have been outta wedding season so long I'm thrilled to get to do this again!  Her bachelorette party was an all day event.  I had to work till noon so I didn't get to meet up with them till the pool party.  I was especially bummed about that because at brunch they got to meet Sean from the bachelor and he is my favorite!! It would have been hilarious to send a pic of me and him to Landon!

Coolest view!  I Love this city!

We spent half the day up there on the NYLO roof top pool.

Then it was back to the room and while everyone else started to get ready I literally fell asleep for a quick nap.  I tell ya I cannot hang anymore and I'm ready to go home by midnight.  Natalie is one of my favorite people, she's so kind, always gets us together for girls nights and always has the cutest clothes!  She did an amazing job getting everything together for this party.  I have always felt so blessed in the friend department, I feel like I have had the privilege of always having the greatest friends and knowing some of the nicest people. 

Lingerie time!

If you know me you know I'm not a fan of wearing black. I love black decor for my home but not on me, I find it boring and typical.   We were to wear black and the bride to wear white, I like the idea of the bride standing out but then again... black?  It wasn't until I found this romper at White House Black Market that I was excited about our dress code.  It was so comfortable and could be worn 5 different ways.

A great night with sweet girls.

Fam Fam

It was nice to be home after such a touch week.  I don't think I've cried so many days in a row in my life!  Time with my babies is always good, easy on the heart.

Lucky for me my cousin came into town soon after we got home from Amarillo.  All I wanted after a week like that was to spend time with the ones I love.

White vest kinda night.

All the girls at dinner.

A boy and his dog.

We started a tradition this summer of going out to eat on Tuesdays and Thursday's, for one it's summer so why not and two it gives me a little break from cooking and three there were some great deals going on in summer so the food was cheap.  It wasn't too much of a break though cause I only cook every other day anyway and just eat leftovers the next night, so I just had to lessen our portions.   Cici pizza has quickly become on of our favs. Healthiest... not by a long shot, while taking Brielle to the bathroom I noticed the awesome lighting in there, so yes I took a selfie.  Especially since my arms would no longer look like that after we hit the buffet I wanted to remember the time they did ha.

Gross he dips everything in his water and he loves to fish out the ice with his hands and eat it.

This guy loves his "et it go"  ( he can't say let)  CD just like his sister.  When Olaf's song came on I noticed he had found a couple Olaf's to act out the song haha.  He's such a sweetie.

Then he ate him.  Boys.

Dancing with Elsa.  This is him scolding me to stop singing ha.

I always enjoy having my little sidekicks in the store.

He was upset and crying so of course Brielle goes over to love on him and tell him it's ok and to calm down and just breath she said lol.

This gal got to go to Frozen camp this summer, how fab is that!

Kaytie sent me this super cute pic of my niece dog.   I spotted this mug and just about died, it's not everyday you find something with a patterdale on it!