Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Landon and I had a mini get away Memorial Day Weekend.  I was super excited to meet up with our Homies :)

Road trips with no kids are way more enjoyable.  Actually Brielle is great on trips, Haosn... well he's another story.
Of course we had to stop at the Kolache place on the way.  I don't know why we do, it's really not that good.  Everyone raves about it but I don't really get it.

We also had to stop by the Twin Peaks where they had that motorcycle gang shooting in Austin.  They still had cops there patrolling the area 24/7.  You could see the bullet holes in the wall. Crazy.

Oh and we were so close to San Marcos I just had to stop at the outlet mall.  The Victoria's Secret is either a hit or miss and it was a score this time! I was there for two hours.  Landon hit up all his fav shops while I shopped in only one haha, but he got some great buys.

Finally we made it.  The trip to Austin/San Antonio/ Houston SUCKS from Dallas. The traffic is so bad for it being a well traveled highway.  Luckily they are widening it.  Also it rained pretty hard a couple time so we stopped and waited it out.

Our little condo was so cute and since we were the first ones there we got to pick the good room

This was the other one...

View, everyone was worried about us because there was some major flooding in the area but we weren't near that part thankfully.

The idiots have arrived!  Luckily Jeff brought a girl so I could have a friend. 

Heck I don't need a girl friend, I love these guys!
Time to go out!  I love getting ready on the weekends.  I look like an 80 year old man during the week so I eat up any chance I get to dress up.

If you use our tongue it helps.

No no it doesn't...

It's the weekend, forget the bikini diet.

Some guy came over to our table and offered us some hot wings that he couldn't eat cause they were the spiciest things he'd ever had.  I volunteered Landon to eat them cause he likes some spice.  Well apparently they were also one of the worst things he's ever eaten. Whoops, my bad.

Jeff making fun of how much it was burning Landon.

Do you ever play that flip the coasters game and see how many you can catch with one hand. 

Greg ain't got nothin on me.

We ended up walking home in the rain. Jeff and Brad took a different way cause they thought we didn't know where to go but we knew exactly where we were.  I was also the smart one who brought my umbrella.  Had a scary moment when a group of deers ran by us, we thought they were huge dogs haha.

A relaxing morning all to myself!

We had planned on floating the river this day but with all the rain it was closed.  So we took our time getting ready and headed out to brunch.

Our condo gave us bracelets to wear all weekend to show that we paid to stay there.   None of us thought it was necessary (and it really wasn't, nobody was out there checking)  But Landon being the rule follower sure did put one on.  We were all giving him heck, he looked like a little boy with one of those bracelets with your parents number written on it just in case you get lost haha.

Jeff ordered some migas.  What's a miga?

And this is how the Gann's get ready to put on swimsuits.

So since everything got rained out and it was too cold to get in the water at schlitterbahn, we just hung out at our pool all day!

Why do we look like we are on a roller coaster lol.

Typical Muleshoe behavior.

Greg and I walked back to the condo to get my phone and I was so into my texting I almost ran smack dab into the stairs.  If it wasn't for Greg yelling my name it would have happened.  Then I had to sit down from laughing so hard.

I tell ya when Landon and I have some drinks we are the people you wanna be around.  Not an angry bone in our body.  We get so friendly and happy and talk to everyone!  We consider everyone a friend.

At one point Jeff and I may or may not have tried to throw poor Greg into the moccasin infested lake.  Idiots!

For a farewell dinner that night we went to the Gristmill.  We have always gone to the Gruene River Grill but everyone also swears by the other so we had to try it.  It was good but we still like the Gruene River Grill better.
We did have a great patio spot right above the water.  It was a super fun trip.  These friends are always a hoot to be around.  We enjoy their company so much!