Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sushi and Mad Gab

These are a few of my favorite things~ Sleepy warm Eskimos...

Sweet baby boy kisses.....

Sweet kiddos playing in Christmas trees....

Hitting up the parade of lights with the kiddos, Landon my mom and Kasey...

Hason sat sooo still for like an hour, he loved the brrrr brrrrr's aka trucks and cars.  Oh and the gogo's too aka horses and dogs :)

Cutest cheerleader ever......

One Friday evening Trent and Emily brought us Sushi!

We had a little mad gab competition as well.....

We just died laughing at this one, we played this over Thanksgiving with Landon's friends and one of them is Jeff....boy would it have been awesome to have gotten this card that night lol

Great night with great family!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa Clause 2014

We love taking the kids to Bass Pro to see Santa cause it's more than just sitting in his lap for a pic.  They also have activities.

Not having it, this is not a good sign.

2013... OMG where did my baby go!!! This pains my heart!

Fine I'll just get a pic of sister since she's willing and beautiful.

I die for matching outfits!

While Landon saved our spot in line the kids played with the games they had....

And rode the carousal.

Aunt Kitty keeping up with Hason

Honey Bear asked for a pair of frozen house shoes, what a sweetie.

Hason LOVED Santa this year ha


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Highland Village Glows 2014

We attended our annual lighting of the Christmas tree at our outdoor mall.  They had Santa there, crafts, cookie decorating, hot cocoa and choirs singing.

He looks like the little brother in A Christmas Story all stuffed in that coat lol.

Hason loved this guy until he got up close to him

I just love the city we live in.  Before the festivities began they had one of the local preachers say a prayer over the whole event and town.  Can't tell you how happy that makes my heart.

There was a lady walking around with a big ole basket full of candy canes, there was one broken on in the whole bunch, guess who picked that one.  He tried to put it back but she took her basket and left too quickly haha.  She turned and looked at me with a squirrely look "I would get the broken one" haha bless his heart.

So pretty.

They see me rollin.

Landon and I are sports car kind of people.  Always have been always will be.  It's quite annoying not being able to drive the type of car you really want.  Yes first world problems we know.  Landon's been wanting a new car to drive to work for a while, something with a little better gas mileage, maybe a small Honda or something.  I disliked that idea.  He doesn't have a long commute but it's a commute.  Get something you will love driving right, who cares about practicality!   I HAVE to drive an SUV for the babies, if not for that I'd be in a sports car too!  So he finally decided ok, I'm getting a sports car.   He found this beautiful sliver convertible GT Mustang.  Landon, my cousin Derrick and I  checked it out the day after we got back from Amarillo.  They actually let us come and test drive it on a Sunday!   Landon was in love, it was so clean and well kept.  I was beside myself that he wanted a convertible.  He used to think they were chick cars but after moving here and seeing everyone who drives them he's changed his mind.  Convertibles are more fun!  

Two days later we picked that bad boy up and it was ours!  We are both so thrilled we can't even stand it!!!  Only thing we need to do is put a muffler on it cause it's just not quite loud enough for our liking.

 He deserves this more than you will ever know.  EVERYTHING he does or spends his money on is for me and the kids.  He takes such good care of us.  He makes sure we have all we need and makes sure I have all I want.  He even told me that a while ago he pondered getting a convertible eclipse (like the one I drove before having Brielle)  to drive to work so I could have it on the weekends cause he knew how much I missed that car.  He's so selfless and so giving and puts himself last.  It's about time he does something for himself.  I just wish I could have bought it for him!  I'm beside myself happy for him.  He couldn't wait to drive to work that week haha. 

AWE, it's such a beauty, we've already been cruising in it a couple times with the top down and 90's rap playing :)  Never again will we be without a sports car!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bye Felicia.... AKA Amarillo!

After the park we went back over to Grammy's to finish leftovers.  Mmmm leftovers!

Trent whipped us up a green bean dish he was awfully proud of,  it was very good indeed.  Who doesn't like butter and Velveeta?

Pretty girl.. Thanksgivings over... time to bust out the Christmas outfits! Emily's a bit obsessed as well.

So cute squeezed into on little bench.

After dinner I went home and put the kids to bed.  Then I met Landon at our friends new home.  My phone actually placed me down the street a few houses.  I can't see good anyways so I'm walking up and down everyone's sidewalks up to their doors so I could get close enough to read the numbers.  As I'm walking back down to the curve to see if the house number was painted on there a car drives by and someone yells "Grandma what are you doing!?!?" well my nickname in Landon's group of friends is Grandma cause I'm the oldest girl in the group :(  Low and behold of course it's Jeff (aka grandpa cause he's the oldest guy in the group) and Greg, the two most orneriest ones of all.  They were dying laughing at how stupid and lost I looked.  They literally felt like they had just found their grandma wondering the streets with now idea where she was.  I felt like that too. Made them pick me up and drive me back down the street to the right house lol.

Kristin has this cat we all would love to hold and cuddle cause she's so cute.  Her name is Sugar but she's mean as hell!  Kristin says she appreciates a nice designer handbag and I wasn't about to try to move her away.

Didn't notice until I posted this pic that they were all wearing blue and how lame they must have looked when they all met up for dinner lol.

We played Mad Gab.  It was hilarious.

Greg's thinking face.  He might look stupid but he kicked some butt at this game!

I absolutely love the time we get to spend with Landon's group of guy friends.  We laugh so hard and I love all their wives so much.  They are just a really great group of people.

The next day we are trying to get packed up to go and Landon walks in to this.....  He stacked those all by himself.   I don't know how cause when I went to take it down they were very wobbly and didn't fit very well into one another.  He's got skills! 

We met up at blue sky (Landon's fav) with Landon's family for one last get together, even Grandma came!  She kept asking me about my weight and why I wasn't eating.  The older people always just say what they want don't they lol.  I didn't eat cause Landon had just brought me my favorite "Hud's" breakfast plate, full of toast, gravy, hash browns, ham, and two eggs.  I have not been watching what I eat or working out like I should since fall started.  I tell you people, once I get to a certain weight my body just gets it and maintains right there.  It's so weird and makes no sense but my sister even agrees that's how my body works.  I'm lucky in that way.  I've gained 3lbs since my contest pictures with Venus Last May and have been eating whatever, granted we eat pretty healthy lunches and dinners but I do not hold back on snacks and eating late.

Hason makes me so proud.  He's the youngest so you'd expect him to be trouble and a handful.  He's so incredibly good when we go places.  He finished all his meal and was no longer interested in his apples, so he used them as toys and played with his empty food tray.  Sweet sweet boy.

After we said our goodbyes we picked up my sister from her in laws house.  Yaya went nuts for Hason. She wants grandbabies soooo bad, she got the short end of the stick with that... who knows when Kasey and Colt will have kids.  My sister will be living with us a few weeks before her and Colt leave to start their lives in New York!!! How cool is that!  Colton is finally out of the army and now they can move on and do what they really want!