Saturday, August 11, 2012

God Is Love!

 I found the cutest book for little kids.  It has songs, rhymes, prayers and bible verses.  Brielle loves it and asks for her "Jesus book"  or  "Bible" every night. I hardly get the page turned before she yells out the name of the song because she recognizes them by their pictures. It just makes my day! She's gotten to where she wants to sing them by herself now.  We aren't allowed to sing along anymore.

It's so easy to teach little kids new things, 
I thought it would be a good idea to have her start memorizing bible verses.
  She caught on real quick.

I pray she falls in love with Jesus and learns that prayer is one of the best gifts we have on this earth!
Her prayer the other night.... "Thank you God for my mom and dad, for my puzzles, for my cars, thank you for my Gigi and my wonder pets."  Oh I could have just squeezed her to death!!!

Brielle's new obsession......Puzzles!!!! I bought her a Disney character puzzle book about a month ago and she's loved it ever since.  When her Gigi and Gannpa came to town they brought her one as well....they had no idea that she loved her first one so much.  It was the perfect gift!

 I swear this is all we do all day is play puzzles ha!

 She laid on it and said "I love my puzzles!" Sweet girl!

 She's such a good girl, we have our moments just like anybody else, I've realized that when we do have a "tough" phase that it passes pretty quick and doesn't last long.  At least so far they haven't been.
She's such a good girl.  She's never really been the type of kid to be mischievous or get into things.  She minds the rules well and likes to tell us what the rules are sometimes too ha!  Even when she was really little I remember her being so good about not putting small toys or things in her mouth because we told her not to and she listened. I guess she's an easy toddler because she wasn't an easy baby!
I was in the kitchen cooking and didn't hear her for a while, I peaked around the corner and she was sitting quietly in her car seat playing with her cars.
 She likes to peak in at me from the living room while I'm that little face! She'll also steal a fruit or two off that plate when she's hungry.  It amazes me how much these little ones really watch us.  She got a nectarine the other day and said "you need to wash this".  I've never told her we wash our fruit, she's just seen me do it every time, but she's never asked me to wash a banana!  She's started to help herself to her own snacks.  She'll go to the fridge and get herself a yogurt or cottage cheese, get herself a spoon and if she can't find a clean one she'll try to get one out of the dishwasher.  Then when she's done she'll throw away her trash and put her spoon in the sink all by herself.  She just such a sweety!
I think I repeat myself on the cute thing's I want to remember Brielle doing or saying....I just can't remember what I've already written I apologize for that if I do!

Friday, August 10, 2012

South Fork Ranch

This past weekend was so fun.  I just love exploring all the new things this city has to offer and there is soooo much!!! We headed to Allen to shop at the outlet malls but before that we stopped to take a tour of South Fork.  If you haven't been watching the show Dallas, it's great. 
Kinda funny that mine and Landon's parents used to watch the old Dallas when we were kids and now we are watching the new ones now.

 Our tour tractor

 apparently they used wide angle lenses to make the pool appear bigger on the show.

 This was an interesting disappointing fact but they don't film any of the scenes in the house.  All indoor scenes are in a warehouse downtown somewhere.  They just use the outside of the house cause you can't recreate the prettiness of it!

 The gazebo is new or else they would have had it in the wedding this season.

 This was so cool, Elena's home is just behind the main house.  I don't know why but for some reason she reminds me of my cousin Natalie, the way she looks to.

 We were headed home when I got a call from my friend Melodie and she asked us to meet them in Plano for dinner......we just happened to be driving through Plano right when she called, so it was a date!
Afterwards we shopped at the Shops at Legacy, I loved it there.  Everyone was dressed so cute and fancy and they had great places to eat and cute boutiques.  I love going places where people dress up in cute dresses and heels just for the heck of it!  That doesn't happen where I come from.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Irving Library

We miss our library lady in Amarillo she was so good with kids and taught us a lot, but I do like the programs here.  Instead of just singing songs they also read books and have a craft.  Landon showed up and surprised her.  You should have seen the confused look on her face when she turned around and saw him there cause she had just turned around 10 seconds earlier to tell me something and it was just me.

The theme of the day was zoo animals.

 Lunch with dad before he had to go back to work

Too hot to play outside so we stopped at the mall to play a bit.

 My little sweetie!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Airplanes and Cars

My computer is on its last leg and doesn't work half the time so I've had a hard time updating my blog.

A week and a half ago we sent Neely back to Amarillo with my in laws until we move into a house.  I'm kinda stubborn and like my own rules and I don't agree with the pet deposit system.  I'm not gonna pay $300 and only get $150 back especially when nothing was destroyed or harmed.  Neely is well behaved, potty trained and doesn't chew or scratch stuff.......soooo I want my whole deposit back!  Therefore we kept her with us for 2 1/2 months without paying anything, yeah it's wrong but so is stealing my $150!
 Any who, they passed out flyer's on everyone's doors saying if they were caught with illegal pets they'd be fined, yikes...heck no not with 2 weeks left here. 
 I'm so missing my furry baby but I'll have her back in no time!!!

 My friend Emily was in town so we got to spend the day together eating and shopping!
 We showed our support for Chic Fil A!

 Brielle is a girly girl....loves baby's and the color pink but she also loves cars.  She a quite a few she's gathered up here and there, we didn't buy her any of these so not sure where they all came from ha!  Anyways she watched the movie cars at her cousin Levi's house not that long ago and has loved it since (so has Landon!)   Well bless her heart this is what she's been calling her Lightning McQueen, a lousy sonic toy!  
So we went to the store and got her a real one!  Landon and his cheap self was annoyed it was $4 when the hot wheels are only a $1.  That's Landon for ya!

 Yes, she drives her cars around some but her favorite thing is to just line them up ha! 
So weird to me cause I didn't play like this as a child but Landon sure did.

DFW has a place called Founders Plaza Observation Area where you can watch the planes come in and land.  Brielle and I had lunch there last week.  I loved sitting there with her just talking about stuff and enjoying the planes.

 It's been miserable hot here, in the 100's and all we want to do is drink! 
Not that kind of drink people!
 Ok maybe a little ha!, 
Anyways I just had to post these hilarious pictures of my love.  I laughed so hard the people who worked there probably thought I was nuts.

 She's say "It's kinda Chilly"  my drink was super cold and tart.

Too much tartness to handle!

Oh that was a fun day! I love our little dates!