Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One more party

Landon's grandparents wanted to have a birthday party for me but waited till Landon's mom got back from France so we could all be there to hear about her awesome trip.
Of course Grandmommy got Brielle a gift as well!

I got some of the best gifts! Aunt Alpha got me some adorable cleaning gloves in a damask pattern and Grandmomma and Grandad got me a quesadilla maker ( that was actually more for Landon cause he got butt hurt when it got stolen from him during our white elephant exchange at Christmas haha!)

Juquita got me this!!! So fitting for a Chi Omega!

Brielle got a "Bubba" bear all the way from France.
Grandmomma made the best brownies ever, she's such a good cook. She always tells us she wants to have us over for a little snack but it's always a feast!
Nonna, B and Landon
Aunt Alpha, Grandmommy and B
There's Grandad

Uncle Art, Nick, Allie and B.
And that concludes my birthday parties for 2012!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party!!!!


The weekend following my actual Birthday, Landon wanted to take me out to dinner. He also got a sitter for Brielle and booked us a hotel room to stay in downtown.
We started off the night at Kushi Yama.
(my dress was open back and i wish i had a picture because that was the cutest part about it!)
We are officially sushi eaters!
We show up to the hotel and he takes me down stairs to our room, or so I thought. When we got there the room had big double doors and I was thinking to myself....holy cow he got us some kind of presidential suite!
Little did I know these had been floating around for the past couple of weeks!...........
Kasey did such a cute job! I adored the jewel and feather!
There were about 50 people behind those doors screaming "SURPRISE!!!" I had no idea!! I laughed and cried and said "this is sooo embarrassing" cause it was, having that many people looking at you haha!
A week earlier I had gone dress shopping to find something to where for my birthday night out with Landon. Well I found the perfect dress but it was quite expensive so I passed and bought something else.
I had hardly stepped foot into the party when my sisters drag me out and into the bathroom....and there was the dress I had originally wanted!!!! That was Kasey and Colts birthday present to me! I was so excited! I had told Landon about the dress so he passed the word on to Kasey!
Crown included!
She did soooo good too!!! She brought me shoes to pick from, makeup to fix my eyes, an assortment of jewelry to choose from and even a bra and spanks because I totally wasn't wearing the right underwear for this outfit! She thought of it all!!!
Now back to the PARTY!

My sisters and mom did such an excellent job decorating! They know I love bright colors and especially pink!

My hubby is the best! He put so much hard work and effort into this party. I feel so extremely blessed and loved!
Kasey is living in Kansas and I did not expect her to be here for my birthday weekend! I hoped and wished she was but couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her, I bawled my eyes out! That itself was the best birthday gift ever....she is my best friend!
I love my sisters!
He's what I always dreamed of, my dream come true!
My sister Kasey also put together an awesome slide show for the party
The love of my life was even there to share the fun with me!

Make a wish!

Look who the first one in line was.......

Oh how I love these friends!
I am blessed to have these people in my life!

The Princess's

Kasey and I with the best boss/friend ever!

Some of my favorite girls!

I had to get a picture with the "idiots"....Somewhere deep down I do love them : )

What a surprise!

This is my sweet friend Chrissy, we have been friends since elementary school and her sister in law was one of my best friends growing up as well but she was sick and could not make it.

This is Paul...Chrissy's husband. His sister Rachel was one of my best friends growing up(like I said before) they lived across the street from my grandma. Well Paul has always loved Kasey, but she hated him when she was little! She was like 4 years old and he was like 12 and seemend like a towering giant man to her at the time, he would try to play with her but she was so scared of boys especially older ones...it didn't' help that he liked to flip his eyelids inside out either! HAHA funny how things change, now she loves him!

reliving the fright of her childhood with paul......
"Ok we can be friends now...and your not as tall as I remember" haha!
My sweet friend Tonya and her husband Ty came all the way from Midland to be with me for my big day. They even left their 5 month old baby for the first time. Meant sooo much to me!
All the girls....we miss you Natalie...and Derrick (he would have been in the girl picture if he could)

Yasmin:"No Diana, se te cae la matris!!!"
BAHAHA only Natalie, Kasey, Shern and Sasha will know what I'm talking about!
Us Girls: "Grow a what? We ask!"
My aunt is crazy, if you scroll really fast it looks like she falls behind them!

My favorite boss, he ain't scared!
Carrie and Jason
I told daddy to look happy with me, ha!

We couldn't believe daddy was still up at midnight, let alone dance gangsta style with us, sweet old man!
Gonna party like it's sha birthday!

My friend Trena thinks she's got jokes....... this is what she showed up with for me.
My sister thought she was hurt when she came walking through the door with it haha, why the heck would she have a walker instead of crutches! Kasey's blonde sometimes!
Rolo's from our friend Greg, this is pretty much all I ate on our ski trip so he knew I would enjoy!
There's that ole Greg, I made him help me carry stuff to mine and Landon's room
My friend/boss Tana and my mom decided to move the decorations to our room, so cute!
My sister Kasey made all those paper decorations!
The after party at Crush wine bar.
Then it was off to Rain

It wouldn't be a complete night without a 2 am snack!
I had the most fun and feel soooo very blessed to have so many great supportive friends and family! Thank you everyone for loving me and making me feel so special!
Also thanks for the wonderful gifts.....I have more wine than I know what to do with!
What more could a girl ask for!