Wednesday, January 14, 2015

These Kiddos of Mine!

My sweet boy will walk around the house every so carefully with plates and bowls full of cereal and not make a mess, bless his heart!
 After church one Sunday we thought we'd let the kids burn off some steam outside since they'd been cooped up with the colder weather, well it started to drizzle so that didn't last long.  But this smart girl of mine went and got one of my towel head wraps and put it on her head.  She wasn't gonna let her hair go bad haha!

Love cuddling with my man.  He tells me I'm a class 5 clinger.  I can't help it I love him sooo much :)

Little man is climbing on EVERYTHING, It makes me crazy!

He makes a cute Santa doesn't he ;)

Tis the season, gingerbread sandwich for B's lunch.

Hason and I got to try out a kinder musik class.  It was fun and stressful.  I really want to get into the grove of doing something like this with him.  I religiously did library time with Brielle but I can't get myself to do it with him every week.  He is not at all like his sister.  He would sit for a bit with me and follow directions but soon he was off doing his own thing and running around the room.  Every other kid just sat there well behaved.  I wanted to tell all those first time mommas they have no idea so stop looking at me like that lol!  It doesn't matter if you raise them the same, they will be different and you need to let them be.  Also your first born is much different than your last...can't wait for all those moms to have a second, they will see ;)

Honey Bear had an awesome night at Awana celebrating Jesus birthday! I knew they would be getting a gift but I had no idea it would be something like this! How amazing is that.  What a blessing this church has been to her.