Friday, March 30, 2012

Kaytie's Home!!!

Kaytie's finally home after being gone nearly a year! We met her for dinner to celebrate. Brielle was surprised to see her on person as opposed to skype ha!

She loves her Aunt Kaytie!

Of course she came bearing gifts!

A stuffed Eiffel Tower

Randy, Teresa and Kaytie

YAY our sister's home!

And that there is the REAL Kaytie

Princess B
We are so happy she made it home safe and we go to spend a little time with her!

Lazy, LAZY Saturday!

Saturday Landon took a concealed handgun it was just us girls all day long. I started out doing laundry and then we got out one of my old toys from when I was little. Such a cute toy, you use scraps of material to dress her up.

Then it was pedi time. This is literally what I did all day. I sat in the patio chair and soaked my feet for 2 hours. Brielle just played and let me be lazy.

Love these sweet little toes!

Pedicure machine turned zoo animal swimming pool

Oh my that's some crazy hair!

Then we ate some lunch on the patio and we both took a 2 hour nap!

After our nap I sat in my lawn chair and resoaked my feet again haha. We didn't leave the backyard all day and it was sooo nice!
Brielle's first butterfly

She's holding it hostage

Landon got home about 6:30. We heard the ice cream truck so we ran to catch him! Brielle was so excited, what we didn't know is that she was just excited about the music and the fact that it was called an ice cream truck......she didn't realize you get actual ice cream out of there!
She's looking at him like "I can't believe this is really happening, ice cream from a truck?!"

I think we started something bad ha!

First Day at Daycare, and Some Hula Fun

Brielle started Daycare last Friday, since my mom moved I don't have anyone to watch her on Fridays.
Here she is ready to go!

Not sure what to think?

She did great, I did not...I cried and felt like I was going to throw up or pass out all day long! I don't know how moms do it who have to leave their babies when they are really little for 5 days a week, my heart breaks for them! I couldn't do it that's for sure, I'd sell everything to get to stay home with her! I know it's good for her though because my mom NEVER left us with anyone and I had a lot of anxiety about school and being away from her even on my first day of college. I don't want that for Brielle. I still feel guilty though cause she doesn't have to be there, I don't have to work, I just like it. We will see if I can follow through. You may see a post soon where I've quit my job haha!

Saturday night our friend Greg's parents had bought a table at a benefit but were not able to make it, so they gave the tickets to Greg and he gave them to all his friends. Free food, drinks and music......yes please!

That's a real roasted pig folks......and yes I did have a bite. It was kinda dry.

Kristin and Jessi

Brian, Jessi's husband, he's embarrassed of her.

Wish this was really Hawaii!

Now these two are going to Hawaii in a week!

Playing a little game.....I don't remember what it's called.

Sara, Greg, Katie and Tanner

Fun night with some of our favorite friends!
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Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patti's Day 2012

St Patti's day started off with a round of Golf.

Oh I love daddy's and their little girls!

All Brielle wanted to do was pick up the balls and place them in the holes,
then she'd clap and say yaaay to herself ha!

This is not a playground, even though it looks like a playground,
it's a place of miniature business -Dane Cook

When you're at the mall you can't leave without buying something!

Our popcorn!!!!
Landon: jalapeno/cheddar and Oreo
Diana: sourcream/cheddar and grape
Brielle: Fruit loops

Dinner at Malcolm's. I love that place!

This is the most delicious sandwich, it's a grilled cheese with ham and tomatoes, it's sooo tasty!
Saturday night we met our Friends at Ruby Tequilas for some March Madness.

Bring your green hat!

Green Drinks