Monday, June 28, 2010

8 months old and 4 year anniversary

Brielle you are 8 months old...what are you up to......

*we have moved you up to size 3 diapers...they are a little big but the 2's are way too small, your an in betweeny right now.
*you have started to bounce up and down when you hear music
*you love to be read to and love books, you never try to grab for the book when we are reading to you which is crazy cause you want everything and anything else you can get your hands on.
*still no teeth
*you are holding on to mommy and daddy's shoulders when we hold you now instead of just letting your arms fly around all crazy.
*you have learned how to get into a sitting position from laying down...sometimes you even fall asleep sitting up b/c you can't figure out how to get back to a laying position haha but not all the time
*you are holding your own bottle pretty well now, you even lift it up when its almost all gone to get more out of it
*you move all over the place, your not completely crawling yet, you will push off with your toes. you take a step with one hand, then your knee, then your other hand but give up when it comes to moving that other knee.
*you started feeding yourself puffs and you love it and so do I!
*you are wearing 6 to 9 month clothes and even some 12 month clothes too!

My last time nursing you, you were ready to be done with it at 4 months but I couldn't let you stop that soon!!! Nursing was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I hated it at first. Then I grew to love it and I'm going to miss it so much! I'm very happy and proud that I was determined and able to do it this long! It's a blessing that's for sure and I know we will both benefit from it greatly!

Last week was our 4 year wedding anniversary (June 23rd to be exact). I can't believe it's already been 4 years! I love being married, I never really dated that much and was totally ready to find my husband when I was 16...well I found him at 17 so that's pretty good! I think God brought him to me so early because he knew I would freak out if I didn't know who I was marrying by the time I turned 20!! ;) Landon is the greatest man I know, he is my rock and the love of my life!

We went to the water park to celebrate since we both love the water and love being outside. It was sooo much fun but I totally wiped out on several of the rides more than once. I guess I get so scared that I tense up so much and end up hurting myself anyway haha!

This was one of the signs at the water park, I think they are really really paranoid about getting sued because there were ridiculous common sense signs everywhere!

We went to Macaroni Joes afterwards and it was soooo good. One of my favorites! I had the green chili chicken farfalle yuuuuuuuum!

Pickin up our baby at Nonna's house after our wonderful date

Some of my favorite shoes, that I always forget I have

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends B-Day, Lake and My new toy

Our past couple of weeks have been quite eventful. My friend Kaci's little girl Brogan turned 1 and of course we were there to celebrate!

Heres the Birthday Girl opening some presents

Here is Brielle stealing the Brithday Girls presents....oh my, she did this all day and don't think you could just take it away (she would scream), Pretty much Brogan had to wait to play with her presents until Brielle had to leave and give them back! HA! what a brat she is already.

Here she is again trying to steal more toys, we are in trouble, we are gonna have to work on sharing when she gets a little older!

This is my friend Rena and her sweet baby girl Ashlynn!

The birthday girl and her friends

apparently Brogan got bite the week before so when McKenzie leaned over and grabbed her arm it brought back nightmares haha! poor thing!!

Brielle in her Owl (chi Omega) dress I made her, it was only appropriate to wear to this party since someday these girls will also be sorority sisters!

and the boys talked about boring stuff I'm sure and drank beer, Typical! : )

We went to the lake this past weekend with one of my Bestest friends Lindsey and her husband Stewart, they just got a boat and it was a blast and a great mini vacation!

Landon and Stewart chillin

Me and Linds on the weiny before Stewart threw us off and I hit my nose on the back of Lindseys head! The next time I rode in front so I wouldn't get hurt....well we fell of again, this time in slow motion and she still managed to swing her leg around all crazy and hit me in the head. HAHA! she is nuts to ride with, but I still love her!

Here is Landon wakeboarding

hand now he's gone Ha!

This was my favorite part....floating,talking and having a nice cold drink!

And now it's my turn

I can't believe I even got up...but it was sooooo much fun (but really scary too)

My hair...ugh and my head shape..ugh my ears that stick out...ugh I totally look like a dude when my hair is flat!

Landon pooped out after skiing all day! We were soooo sore for the next 2 days! What a great workout though!

Lindsey looking sneeky....that's cause she's peeing in the water ha!

so I have been fed up with all the dog hair in my house so I had neely shaved, but then I had a better idea.......

I went and got this! I love it!

I vaccumed my house two days before with my old vaccum and then with this one and this is what it sucked up! Disgusting, but after reading all the reviews on this vaccum I knew it would look like this, If you don't have a dyson...your house is dirty!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

High school reunion and very busy weekend

We had a very fun and busy weekend! My brother in law got back from basic training and was here for the weekend so we celebrated by going out Friday night.....

It was my 10 year high school reunion this weekend as well! Can't believe it. It went better than I thought it would and loved getting to see everyone. We started out the celebrating with Raider Rugrats at the park, we had a picnic with cake and everybody brought their little ones to celebrate. I didn't get may pics because I was too busy chit chatting, but here is Brielle and Briar meeting for the first time.

That night we had dinner at River Breaks Ranch, we had steak and there were horse races and a slide show, that were all great fun!

Two of my Besties from High School! I loved getting to spend some time with them!

After the reunion we went downtown for some drinks

I have been trying to find a red wine that I would love and my friend Tiff found this one at our wine bar called Crush....and I loooovvved it! It was sweet and had a litte fizz to it too! Finally!

Sunday my girlfriends and I met at Jasons Deli (yum) for lunch, some of our kids haven't had a chance to meet yet and we also wanted to say farwell to our friend Jennifer who was in town for the reunion.

Brielle, Kadyn and Briar (we will miss you when you go back home Briar!)

This was soooo sweet, Kadyn had to say bye to his long lost friend...then he hit him on the head and they both cried!! HAHA It was adorable! Love those little boys!

Brielle and Brogan couldn't stop looking and grabbing each other, Brogan just kept letting out the cutest little giggles! I just wanted to squeeze her, what a precious girl she is!

After lunch Brielle went to visit her Gigi and Gannpa

Sunday night we had a goodbye cookout for my sister and her husband because he is going back to base in wichita. It was so much fun, the Johnsons are the nicest people and always have the most fun get togethers!

Neely checking out their lake. Winston (in the background) fell in love with Neely, she's his new girlfriend, but when they got back up by the house he started barking at her cause he didn't want anyone to know how much he really liked her. haha silly little pug.

Me and my GIRLS!

My sister Kasey and Abner...the greatest little nephew dog in the WHOLE world!