Thursday, August 29, 2013


Summer is winding down and although I loooove fall I really love summer too and I'm going to miss using our pool and so is somebody else.

We had a little family weekend a couple weeks ago. There was a balloon festival in town and Landon and Brielle could see them taking off from our backyard.

I did some painting and projects around the house. Neely helped me pic out colors : )

Sometimes this is what happens when dad dresses the kids. I've heard him say more than once " I thought that didn't look right." lol I told him anytime you" think" something looks weird, it's cause it is and it's probably wrong  haha. 

We surprised B with a date, just the 3 of us.

Yup we are off to see planes! 

Landon and I were excited  cause we are pretty huge fans of this guy.........
Good gosh he's good lookin!


Well I must say it wasn't as good as cars, but we were expecting that.  Brielle was super interested in the beginning got bored in the middle and just played with her plane and asked dad for his phone so she could play some games ha,(we didn't let her) then she was interested again at the end when they were racing.  She had a good time and Landon got to experience what it was like to go to a kids movie...talking always allowed.

Growing up to fast

And just because that tongue is so cute!.........

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brielle's First REAL Haircut!

Brielle will be starting Preschool in September.  With everything we have going on I am trying to think of ways to uncomplicated my life.  One being Brielle's hair.  She is very tender headed and hates having her hair combed (at least she's always worn a bow! That's all that matters right!) So I thought it would be beneficial to both of us if we cut her hair.  I feel it's a deep crime to cut long hair. I did it to my own and now I'm doing it to hers, for shame on me! But change is good to.

We found a cute kids haircut salon.

And here it is! I love it.  Makes her look like she's two instead of 4!

Smile....ok not like that! haha!

Before and after. Her dad was not impressed.  He is and always will be a long hair liking kinda guy!
She's still just as beautiful as ever : )

Friday, August 23, 2013

Date Time

My sweet friend Tana and her family were in town and they called us to have a double family date night while they were here.  I was so happy to see her, I miss her so much!
Hason seems to get upset when anyone holds him for more than a minute other than me but he LOVED Tana!  He let her hold him as long as she wanted.

After dinner Tana's boys begged us to go get dessert with them, I'm not one to pass up that one.

Tana surprised us with a big bag full of goodies for Hason.
She's one of the most thoughtful sweetest people I've ever met and I'm blessed to have her as a friend!

She even got Brielle a monogrammed pool town and some cute sunglasses.
My mom kept the kids a couple weekends ago so we could have a date night. We went to Studio Movie and grill cause they had $5 groupons and we could eat there since we only had about a 3 hour window to be gone.....we pigged out!  We watched "We are the Millers,"  It's not very often that a comedy really ends up being funny but we LOVED it, HILARIOUS!  There was one nasty part they kept showing that I could have done without but other than that it was awesome, one of my top favs now!

They gave out mints after the show, as I was trying to get a picture right as Landon made a funny face when moving his mint from one cheek to the other... 

Ok try to look normal........

There we go, CHEESE!
One thing I miss so much in the newborn stage is getting to spend time with this guy! Your relationship obviously takes a backseat, so these little moments mean so much when you get them.

 It wouldn't be a good post without this little guy. I swear his face and head shape look different to me in every picture I take, don't ya think?

He looks so chubby here!

Little boys are super heroes in disguise.
(love that saying)
SUPER HASON! super little outfit from Grammy

Thinking about having a onsie made that says "Lord Hason" on it Baahaa! How funny would that be!
I kid I kid....kinda.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Brielle's Swimming Lessons

Brielle had her first real set of swimming lessons this summer. She did so well and wasn't afraid of the water at all!  I think private lessons are the way to go though.  Don't know if we will ever shell out the money to do so but it would be nice.  There were a couple of girls in her group who didn't listen very well. One was scared to death of everything and it took forever to get her to try something, therefore wasting everyone's time.  The other girl just didn't listen, she was in lala land half the time. Annoying to a very pregnant mom.

Brielle learned to put her face under water, she was hesitant at first but now that's all she wants to do...I have to tell her when she gets in our pool "Brielle stop putting your face in the water" Her eyes get red and she ends up drinking way to much pool water.  

I captured the sweetest moment! I guess her little friend here was afraid to jump in so Brielle turned to her put her hands on her face and said "Don't Worry! Don't be scared, Jesus is with you", my heart just exploded!

At one point they headed over to the deep pool and jumped off the edge to swim to their teacher.  I was videoing it.  Brielle went under water, seemed like forever to me and I freaked out (internally of course, I didn't want her to know I was scared for her life)  When I watched the video back to show Landon how our kid almost drowned she was literally under water for 2 seconds lol! It felt like a minute while I was standing there watching it.   

The lessons were only two weeks long.  We missed the last class however because we were busy having a baby : ) They were probably glad the grumpy pregnant lady wasn't there to complain about not having enough chairs in the shade and to turn their loud music down....I may have been a bit of a diva those two weeks.

Now that lessons are over, B has been practicing a lot in our pool with Landon and she's obsessed.  She gets better and better with every try.