Monday, November 29, 2010

A Princess is ONE!

Brielle you are 12 months old!!!!!! what are you up to......

*You have said your first Spanish word "Gracias"
*You can show us with your fingers that your one
*You press your lips together in an "O" shape when you say uh oh. To cute!
*You stand by yourself for a little bit
*You have taken 2 steps a few different times
*You like shutting doors , mom hates it!
*You have 6 teeth
*You weigh 20 1/2 lbs and are 29 ½ inches long
*I like to poke your cheeks like I did when your were newborn to get you to turn in my direction to eat to see if you will still do it and you do! I love it, I guess it makes me feel like your still a baby and reminds me of when you were nursing.
*you like to roll on ground and have daddy roll you around as well
*you think anything is funny
*you have learned how to turn your sippy around the right way,
*you walked across the living room several times. It was a week and a half after your first b-day! Then two weeks after that you are a regular walker!
*you know when we are leaving and start saying bye bye and waving even before we tell you to
*you love to say "Hi" all the time to anyone and everyone
*you can show us where your ear is
*you bark like a dog, moo like a cow and quack like a duck
*you love to hold the phone up to your ear or just your hand sometimes and say "HI"
*you havn't become a picky eater but it is much harder to get you to eat now a days, you just get bored and like to throw your food and spit it out, hopefully this will be a short phase
*still wearing size 3 diapers

I can't believe you are one, your are the love of my life and this has been the best year of our lives all because of you!

I totally thought I posted about Brielle's 1st birthday but apparently I forgot! Been to busy I guess. So here are her 12month facts and her 1st birthday party pictures....

She would not dig into her birthday cake so I had to mash her hands into it! Even then she would only eat little pieces, I guess she didn't want to get messy.

I have to say, I did get a little teary eyed when she was eating her cake, I have been to so many kids 1st birthday parties and it never seemed my baby would be turning one! It's exciting and so sad all at the same time.

opening her special "mr Derrick" bear from uncle Derrick

I made her Birthday outfit, I found one I liked but it was outrageous, so I decided to make it for a quarter of the price, I guess watching my mom sew all those years really paid off.

The decorations on the tables were brightly colored pumpkins and pictures we had taken of Brielle all year long.

It was a great party with wonderful friends and lots of family! I thought this day would never get here and now it has come and gone, on to two years!

Landon took off on Brielle's actual birthday so we could all spend the day together, first we took her to Denny's for breakfast

She got to color for the first time, she broke all of the crayons : )

Then we were off to Jump and Jive, It's so nice to be able to take your kid somewhere indoors to burn off energy when it's too cold to play outside and it was free cause she is still so little!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A womens best friend (and it's not diamonds)

4 years ago today I bought my first very own dog! She is an American Eskimo and I fell in love with her from the time I set eyes on her. I was worried that Landon would not let me get her, for one she was a small white fluffy dog and he never considered those kinds as dogs, and she was about $200.00 over the dog budget he gave me. Well he gave in and I got my baby!!! She has been so much fun to have and is one of the smartest dogs I know! She is extremely easy to train and is willing to do anything just to be with us. Landon was getting Christmas lights out of the attic and she climbed the ladder to be with him! When I take her and Brielle to the park (I always take them both) she will climb on the playground gyms with us and even go down the slides haha!

Neely and her rat brother Rosco

Her first Birthday party,

They say when you have a baby the dog becomes just a dog, this is soooo not true! She is probably even more important now than she's ever been. Now that I am mostly a stay at home mom, Neely really does give me soooo much company, I never feel alone. When Brielle was super little and I would take her out, I would lug Neely around with us, crazy for some people but not for me, It was like having a friend come along!

meeting for the first time (ignore the bra, just had a c-section, really didn't care what i looked like ha)

She loves doing agility courses!

Any who, to my sisters, cousins, and family.. dogs (or animals) mean alot to us and are huge parts of our lives! we will never understand why people want outside dogs and we will always think that people who have never owned a dog are just plain weirdos! Our pets will always love us not matter what we do or do to them! Can't say the same about people, even the ones closest to you, think about that one. (now... most of you think I'M a weirdo haha, thats ok) I can't help it, I looovvvee animals!

4 Wheelin with her mom

Oh how she loves her dad!

I love you Neely, my sweet ole pup!!