Friday, May 13, 2016

In Preparation of the Big Day!

So one month after my cousins wedding it was time to celebrate another.  My sister in law Kaytie was getting married on October 5th.   This sweet boy was actually very good while we ran errands getting prepared for the big day.  Here he is just chillin while momma gets a spray tan.

We made it to Amarillo, the weather was actually pretty when we arrived.  Loving my sleeveless sweater.

When we are in town I like to visit friends if we can and reminisce about the good ole days.  Drove by my parents old home.  Sweet memories here. 

Then we hit up Malcolm's for ice cream and good sandwiches.  We saw a couple people we knew while there and of course Hason acted a fool.  Made me happy we didn't live in Amarillo where we know everyone during his terrible twos stage.  In Dallas we know nobody so it doesn't embarrass us as much when he gets his crazy on.

This one's always well behaved :)

I stopped by my old work place at the optical and visited some of my fav people.  Sweet Douglas.  Love that man.

We arrived at the Ammon's house for the rehearsal dinner.  Brielle had a sweet little in the cutest box waiting for her with a flower crown inside. 

My beauties. 

Oh very pretty does Kaytie look!

Khara was her coordinator so lucky me to get to hang out with my best gal friend all night!

Since losing the grandpa's last year we hold the grandma's just a little bit closer.

Good thing he's cute cause he's so bad sometimes.

The next day Khara, my sister in law Ashleigh and I stopped and picked up Kaytie's wedding cake.  I couldn't turn down the cupcakes at the bakery so I had that and a little liquor mixed in my coffee for breakfast lol.  Hey it's my sister in laws wedding day!  I was ready to celebrate! 

They see us rollin. They hatin... on my sponge rollers that is.

I cannot believe we are here doing this!  She was 11 when I met her.  Where did the time go?  

She practically had a salon set up for us when we arrived at the house.  It was a real treat having out makeup and hair done. 

Gorgeous Ashleigh!  This girl can be quiet but if you're around her long enough boy do you find out how witty and hilarious she is.  She also has a big heart with a lot of love to give.

How adorable are these robs Kaytie gave us!  She made us feel fancy even though it was HER special day.


It's Gala Time Again

So our wonderful friends Melodie and Andrew always invite us to fun events.  She jokes that Andrew doesn't like anyone but he loves Landon so that's a big deal.  Then we laugh at how well we get along as well because we are both talkers and outgoing so we don't know how either of us get a word in.  So glad they moved to Dallas from Amarillo when we did!  On this particular weekend they invited us to a Gala.  Landon and I dropped the babies off early so we could enjoy brunch, a rare luxury for us.  

Mimosas on the patio.

Gala's are so fun! We get to dress up, eat marvelous food, open bar and donate money to help people! Win win for everyone!  I don't normally wear black, its not my thing.  When other people wear black I think they look fabulous.  I feel so drab in black, I'd rather wear grey but I adore this dress and pull it out every chance I can.  

How handsome is my main squeeze!

The gala was for the boys and girls club.  They had the children line the outside of the red carpet.  They took pictures of us as we walked by and asked for our autographs, it was the most precious thing ever!   They made us feel like celebrities, sweet kiddos.

Oh my stars, leave it to me to do something ridiculous.  I set my menu down on top of a candle.  I didn't notice till I started to smell something burning lol.  

Way to go me!  Good thing I don't get embarrassed very easily. 

We love this band, they play at a lot of events we go to. (can't recall their name) They always have fun props and you can imagine the glee when they pulled out an Eskimo head mask!  Of course I had to ask to wear it.
Landon and I shut the place down, we never dance but when this band plays... we dance!!!

Lucky to have such amazing friends in our lives.