Thursday, October 31, 2013

4 Years Later On October 25th

Brielle's Birthday week was off to a good start...the love of my life left me a sweet surprise. Good gosh were those candies gooooood!

The day before B's Birthday I made some little treats to take to all her classmates in preschool.

and my sister came to town for 4 days to celebrate with us! YAY!

Also my dear friend Trena was due on October 24th with her first baby girl.  Well she went into labor that day but ended up having her on Brielle's birthday!  I LOVE it!!! Two Chi Omega legacy's sharing the same birthday!  She's just beautiful and I can't wait to meet sweet Trudy in person!

The night before we did a little birthday decorating.  How much fun and joy it brings to my heart to do these things for my kids!  I just love to see the surprise and joy on their faces, they are so worth it and so deserve it!

(Ugly light fixture I know! I will be replaced some day!)

She was delighted by her balloons and mirror art and had to come wake us up to tell us all about it!

We made special birthday pancakes.

Sang Happy Birthday and made a wish.

Someone wasn't thrilled that the attention wasn't all on him for once ha.

Abner even chimed in and sang too!
After breakfast we gave Brielle her gift from us.


This is her reaction to everything when she's overwhelmed with happiness lol.

Her cousin Levi has a blue jeep and we were talking about it the other day.  She said "I don't know where he got that, maybe at the store?"  I said "maybe, do you think they come in other colors?"  and she said "no just blue, but it's for boys and girls"  Sweet baby.  Little did she know they came in Barbie PINK!

Neely hated the thing. 

Love this sweet baby girl!  You are such a good girl.  Daddy and I are extremely proud of you!  You are incredibly sweet and show so much concern and care for others already.  You've also got a sassy side to you that can get your little mouth in trouble:) I hope that sassiness can be put to good use one day in that you will always stand up for yourself, stay true to yourself and what you believe.  I cannot wait to see what 4 has in store, I've heard it called the TERRIFIC FOURS.  You've always been good and easy even through the 2's and 3's.  I pray you grow to be a confident, giving, joyful, Jesus loving little girl this year.  Mom and dad love you with all our hearts.  You made us a mommy and daddy and you've taught us so many things and we are much better people because of you! Thank you for that Brielle. Thank you for your sweet smile and showing us a different more beautiful world we didn't know was there.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kids Expo

I never get ready anymore (hmmm wonder why) So when I do it calls for a celebration and a selfie!!

After a Saturday filled with activities we still had much to do on Sunday.  We took B to a kids expo I found.

We owed her a face painting after telling her they closed the one we were in line for at Oktoberfest a couple weekends back.

Her jaw dropped when she spotted these two! It was such a cute reaction!

She go to play in 3 different rooms full of jump houses.

Strutting her stuff on the runway.  We didn't even tell her to do that, she just jumped on us there and started spinning and twirling. (look at that proud daddy in the mirror)

Two Turtle Doves, from my love.....

We enjoyed dancing together along with Elmo, and the giraffe to Gangnam Stlye lol. Landon has the video.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Canal Fest

After the little carnival in Flower Mound we headed on over to Las Colinas for Canal Fest.

They had jump houses for the kids and food trucks.  We ate lunch and enjoyed the amazing weather that day.

They were giving out free blue bell ice cream....Landon was saving some for later.

My heart melts for these two, they are so handsome!

After Canal Fest we took off to Frisco for my friends son's birthday party, him and Brielle were actually both born on the 25th of October.  
Wearing bowling shoes for the first time.

Then after the party we stopped at my moms so my Aunt could give Brielle her birthday present early.  My Aunt doesn't t like for Brielle to open gifts from her along with all the others she receives at her party...she wants hers to stand out and  be special haha, so she always gives it to Brielle before or after her parties.
And here is my Daddy holding Hason for the very first time.  3 months later I know, we kinda forgot and he never asked ha.

She had it wrapped in the cutest little suitcase Brielle got to keep as well for our trips back home.

A plethora of princess dresses! Does it get any better than that!?