Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything's better in Dallas

We made a weekend trip to Dallas to pick find us a car that will last us forever and that's good on gas.

I love the Dallas area, everything seems to be so much better there........

.....The cars as soooo much cheaper!!!!!!

......The shopping is much more fabulous!!!!!! (even though we did only check out dillards and forever 21, hey we just bought a car and had no money, otherwise I'd be carrying a Chanel sack!)

.....Even their sno cone stands are awesome!!!!

After a long day we headed to McKinney. They had a wine bar called "Landon Winery" how fun is that, also featured on "Most Eligible Dallas" (not Landon my husband, he's definitely not up for grabs haha)

We ate out on the patio at one of the best steak houses in town, Holy Cow that's a lot of food!! (We shared it)

Mom got the salmon and it was delish too!

Hanging out at this cute little Pub in downtown Mckinney....There were a lot of people there and they had good music, but the best part was that there was NO smoking and there's no other way to say this but- I didn't see a single Ghetto person all night! I didn't feel like I was going to get shot or run over like at our downtown bars and there weren't any 18 year olds dressed like idiots.

We were super impressed with the Jack in the Box's ordering machine, Fancy or do we just not get out that much haha!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Be Free!

Well my little dove I found with a broken leg and messed up wing is finally healed! He did it all by himself with a little help from me in the food and water department. I'm so happy he made it but sad to see him go, I need another bird someday, I just love them!

He didn't know what to do with himself. He just sat in my hand for a while before he flew off.

Waving bye bye to the dove

Be free my sweet little dove!

My wonderful hubby decided to give me a week of from cooking! He is the greatest and I'm sooo very blessed to have such a great husband, he is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him!

Cheese and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken

mmmmm mushrooms must I say more, haha I know some of you are cringing right now but we love mushrooms!

Oh my goodness was it delish!

Just some sweet pictures of the love of my life!

She is not into coloring at all, but what she does like to do is take the crayons out of the box and put them back in.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Birthdays Galore!

My sister's birthday was on the 16th of this month! (and I don't know how old she is) Anywho, we celebrated a Saltgrass with our family and her boyfriends family as well.

This is what came in Kasey's card to Sherry Ann, baahaa she always manages to find a card that has nothing to do with that persons birthday.

Happy Birthday small one, I love you! (I totally have that dress but it fits me like a shirt haha)

Friday night we celebrated my bestest friend's 29th birthday!! Happy Birthday Khara, I will never have another friend like you! I love you!

Jeffery Boo Boo cooking up a manly feast!

High kick, or more like kick Crystal in the face kick!

Brielle and Miss Trena

She isn't moving but it looks like she's going super fast cause her hair blowing out behind her like that

In the midst of all these birthdays all us girls went to the movies to see "The Help" It didn't dissapoint!

Landon's Grandmommy turned 77 this month! We celebrate with a nice lunch at Cheddars.


Four Generations!

Nick, Brielle and Juquita doing a little jig outside Cheddars

Next on the list was a celebration for my cousin Sasha who turned Sweet 16 on the 18th!!!

Adorable glittery cups she made all the girls


Tiffany and Co. Earrings.........It doesn't get much better than that!

Brielle just thinks the "mouse" is sooo funny

Oh yes it gets better.......DRIVERS LICENSE!!