Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Que Bella

She loves her a good tea party!

So this happened the other night.  Landon and I were sitting in the upstairs playroom watching tv when all the sudden the lights flickered.  We figured on of our bulbs in the kitchen finally went out.  The next day I noticed something on Brielle's light socket and when I touched it it sparked!  I bout flipped out, she had stuck her flattened penny from Disney behind her night light.   Thank you Jesus for protecting our family.  The socket was all black as well, that could have easily become a fire in her room.  What scares me most is that Brielle rarely does stupid things like this, but Hason, well that's another story.  I'm so worried about the dumb shenanigans he is gonna get himself into!

Finally got my sewing machine going again, that thing jams on me at least once a month I swear.  I had this super hot dress I wore when I was preggo with Hason.  I took it in on the sides and at the bottom so I could wear it as a party dress. I love how it turned out.  Yay for versatile clothing!

This cute and his hats!

Taking a walk around the a trail in Plano

Hason and one of his fits...

We walked off so many calories we decided to replenish them.  This boy loves him some hot sauce and chips, doesn't matter how spicy, he'll wine a little then keep at it.

This meal was only like 300 calories!

And now we get to who this post is all about.  My cousin Natalie got a new puppy, her name is Bella which means beautiful and she sure is!   She looks like a baby bear :)  I finally got to meet her and I love her!

Mark likes his new grandog too, kisses!

Natalie's a very responsible pet owner and all about socializing and training a dog to be obedient, so I know she will be a good dog!

We have no idea what she is but have some guesses.  We will see what she looks like when she gets older.

Lord help us with this kid who had no business getting into my mascara. 

Pole Dancing Anyone?

I've got a couple different groups of friends here in Dallas.  We try to have play dates and girls nights ever so often.  My friend Melodie arranged for us to take a pole dancing class one night.  I always wanted to do this but was so nervous, I'm hate dancing and look like such a goof when I do so I was worried I was just gonna look awkward.

We may or may not have had some wine before we went.

We may be mommies but we know how to have fun!

Low and behold it was super fun and informative and they make it easy for you to follow the steps.

My other group of friends do not have any kids.  We try to meet up at least once a month for happy hour, it is so nice I tell ya.  I need evenings like this and I love getting dressed up for anything!  We found this cute little place with great drinks and a live band.

Then afterwards we had some Mexican food.  So glad to have these ladies to get me outta the house!!

Winter Woes, No Problem

We really miss our pool during the Winter months.  Luckily we can still go swimming at our activity center.

Hason wasn't sure what to think and he was quite timid, besides it was a little chilly in there.

Honey bear on the other hand remembered how to swim quite well.  I was wondering if we would need to put her in swimming lessons again as a refresher but now I know it's not necessary. 

Them's foots <3 p="">

Snow on the ground but we don't care!

My  sister in law Ashleigh gave us the wet bag to put our swimsuits in and I just love it! No more worrying about my phone and money getting soaked with our wet suits. 

Snow Days

We had quite a few snow days this winter.  They don't lie when they say Dallas shuts down for snow, even the tiniest bit gets school cancelled, it's such a joke.  But they did lie when they said Dallas doesn't get snow, we've been here almost 3 years and every year it's snowed and if you know me you know I'm not a fan of snow or cold.  We spent a lot of time at my parents since there was nothing else to do but be with family.

Homemade healthy pizza, I think it was better than any store bought stuff I've tried.  

We left the kiddos overnight with their Lita.

My cozy work view.

The mall of course is also a great place to go when you've been cooped up.

We have this delicious brunch place near our house.  The serve up all kinds of fresh food and fresh fruit juices.  Of course I get their healthiest meal, hashbrowns smothered with cheese.

I finally got over my hate for snow and decided to be a "good" mom like everyone else and take them out to play in it.  My mom joined us two cause she was always good about playing with us in the snow and made the BEST snowmen!

Hason doesn't like snow either.

The Gann Family, like my statement necklace? 

The Eskimo enjoyed the spare carrot noses

Snowball fight!

When dad got home we went out to eat and then chuck e cheese.

I don't know why it's take me 5 years of parenting to figure this out but putting a babies jacket on backwards makes it 100 times easier putting them in their car seats!  Since they aren't supposed to wear poofy coats in their seats you can just slip it off once they are in the car.  No standing out in the cold trying to get it off of them, then putting them in the seat. It's genius I tell ya!