Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Kickoff!

Grapevine had a main street day fair to kick off summer.
Everyone should have an event to kick of summer!!! I love this city!


First were the rides, Brielle wanted to ride the merry go round and especially wanted to ride that zebra.
Or she only thought she wanted to ride it!

Then it was the train, she was excited.  "Was" being the key word, once she got on she wasn't having it.
She wasn't even two last year when we took her to wonderland for the first time and she loved all the rides.  This year she's old enough to realize they are a little scary I guess.

Frozen grapes on a stick, why didn't I think of that!  What a great treat to take the place of a Popsicle.

We took B over to the kids corner to play instead.  They had the neatest things for kids to do like milking a cow, playing with play dough, building with legos, petting zoo, mini bicycles, and so much more.

Loved getting to spend some good time with my mom


Dumbo, you know she loved that one, elephants are her favorite right now!

Does everywhere have to have a sandbox!?  They're just so gross to me! I hate sand, I will never have a sandbox in my backyard that's for sure!
My favorite part!

Loved these chickens.  Just look at the leopard ones!  I need one!

She doesn't like Santa but she sure likes these kinda guys!

Not that busy for a Dallas fair.  I think I've come to expect everywhere to just be packed and the traffic to be horrendous.  But it's not.  Even when it is, it's a good trade off for all the things to do here.
The fair on the square in Canyon is 100 times worse than this, you can't even enjoy yourself there.

One of Landon's bank branches.  For those of you who I told he was working for Bank of the Woods, I was wrong.  All bank names sound the same to me, I get so mixed up!
 Can't anyone come up with something unique!

Found a children's boutique there and they had Brielle's swimsuit I've been drooling over, I'm glad I didn't order it online, I would have gotten the wrong size. 
Their stuff runs small and my kid runs large ha, this ones a 4T! Brielle is tall for her age.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Downtown Ft Worth

Landon and I had a date night in Downtown Ft Worth...
Of course like all these types of places here it was beautiful!

Love all the patio dining there is around here!  I'm never eating inside again ha!

Smoked bologna sandwich

Double rooftop bar

Cave bar

It sure is!

I do too!

I love spending time with just Landon, I cherish all our little date nights and all the laughing we do together!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Date Night

My mom is going to Colombia for 3 months this summer.  We actually took over her lease at her apartment since that's the amount of time we were planning on renting anyways.
 Somebody's getting quite the personality!

Landon and I had several date nights in a row since we would be babysitter less for a while. 
He surprised me and took me to the coolest outdoor bar.  It was so awesome!
You could enjoy a dip in the pool!

Or play volleyball to your hearts delight!

Huts to lounge in

Me and my love laughed the night away!

Now it's time for some competition

Pretty close game.

Landon's Bullseye

Oh really, someones a sorry winner.  I think I did pretty well for my first game of darts.

I also performed the live music!

 Can I just say having a kid with long curly hair can be the pits sometimes for both me and her!
Just look at this matted mess!!!!!

Much better!
Except I can't ever get the part straight and there is always more hair on one side of her head ha!