Friday, August 29, 2014

Hason is 12 months old!!!

Oh my.  Hason is 12 months old.  How did this happen.  I can't believe it's been a year since one of the best days of my life, hands down best experience I will ever have had.  Landon and I both wish we could go back to the births of our babies.  That is the  biggest day in your life and it is over in the blink of an eye.  I've been trying to hold on to every tiny bit of baby I can,  I've taken him in, taken millions of pictures,  I've starred at his beautiful flawless features only a baby can have.  I've smelled him, kissed him, nibbled on those fat rolls and tried to eat his toes.  He has the most adorable giggle!  It just comes outta nowhere sometimes cause he likes to laugh at himself, he thinks he's quite clever and funny.  He lights up my life!  I was so scared to have another baby especially because of my first birth experience. Nobody told me how amazing my Hason would be! :)

I found this blog post a while ago, I couldn't have written it better that is why I'm not gonna try but I'm going to post some of the things she wrote that touch my heart in a huge way....

With your last baby you’ll feel relief to have finally given birth, pride and joy in the healthy baby in your arms– and sorrow at the realization that you’ll never again experience the primeval miracle of growing a baby inside your body.  

What the last one will get from you is plenty of cuddles and hugs and kisses- as many as you can give him before he wriggles out of your arms. At some point, the last one will be the only child in the house who still likes to sit in your lap, and sneak into your bed at night, and play hug-o-war, and have snuggle parties– and you’ll know from experience that soon, this will all end. 

When you picture the last one in your mind, he’ll always be running ahead of you and you’ll be trying your best to keep up, your heart bursting with mingled joy and despair. With each day that passes, the ribbon of childhood will feel like it’s unwinding too quickly before you and you’ll feel powerless to stop it, and as your youngest child abandons picture books for ones with chapters and leaves home for his first sleepover and demands that the training wheels be removed from his bicycle, you will be struck hard, repeatedly, by the fact that this most amazing time in your life is slipping away from you,
by bit
by bit.
Oh boy does this hurt.  Every one of his firsts will be my last.

Being a little boys momma means knowing that one day you'll be looking up at your child.  It means hearing phrases like "boys belong to their wives, girls belong to their moms and dads forever" and dying a little inside every time you hear that.  Being a little boys mom means seeing the little boy in all men, and feeling more empathetic than you were before. 

I mean what a rollie pollie!

Sometimes he's too grown up for me to help him eat and he takes a death grip on his food and insists on doing it himself...even if it is a watermelon he's trying to eat backwards or this pear here....I was worried he'd eat the seeds!

He's a happy boy for the most part, as long as he has slept and eaten he is good! Unless I'm trying to things together so we can go somewhere or try to clean house.  He doesn't like me moving around and leaving his sight.  He just yells and cries.  Once I sit down and he knows I'm not going anywhere he calms down.  Can we say momma's boy!  I love it!

He likes to walk around chanting "Baaaabuh, Baaaaabuh" I have no idea what that means but I love it.  He's a little chanter, his other fav is "mooooma! mooooma!"

He has to have something in his hands at all times while walking, normally it's a car in on hand and a princess toy or cup in the other lol.

He also enjoys making clicking sounds with his tongue when he's in a good mood.

He always has to check in with me.  He comes over and pats me or gives my legs a hug.  I pick him up and cuddle him cause there's nothing that makes me happier in that moment than when my boy needs me to love on him.  He does the same thing to his Dadda and his Lita.

He loves books! 

I feel like he's a pretty well behaved baby.  When I ask him what he's put in his mouth he spits it out for me.  When I tell him not to do something or not touch something he normally listens.  It's so sweet, he knows too when he's doing something he shouldn't.  He looks at me with sneaky guilty eyes and sometimes lets out a giggle, makes it hard to tell him "no"

I have to say this because it's a bit of a thorn in my side...but you poop 4 to 5 times a day!!! That is way too much dude!  

Here he is at his 12 month check up.  Not walking yet put cruising on everything.

This picture makes me laugh so hard!!! Look at how still and serious he was haha!  Such a good boy.

He'd still much prefer to crawl.

You are 12 months old my sweet boy...
*You weigh 24lbs 13oz, 91st percentile
*cant remember you height but you were in the 60th percentile
*your head is in the 90th percentile (I believe that!)
*You are in size 4 diapers and wear size 18/24 month clothes, I am having the darndest time finding pants.  12 months fit perfect in length but WAY to small in the waist.  2T fits perfect in the waist but are about 4 inches too long :/  Whats a momma to do!
*you have 10 teeth now, you have all 4 front teeth on the top and bottom row. You started getting the big ones in next to the canines.(no canines yet)  Those put you in a pretty bad mood for a couple of weeks.
*you don't walk yet.  I am predicting 14 months due to that big head.
*You haven't added to many words to your vocabulary. Makes me kinda nervous but then again you're a boy and I know they don't speak as much as girls early on, and lets face it your sister was an overachiever!
You say Momma, Dadda, more, gog (dog), car, yogurt(you don't pronounce it too well but I don't know how to type out how you say it haha), nana(banana), done.  I think that is it.  We finally figured out why you say GO, GO so much.  That's what you call animals, especially dogs.  You have stopped using the word dog and now just say go go.  We came to this conclusion one day when I realized that is pretty much all I say to Neely.  She steals my seat on the couch..."Neely GO!"  She's under my feet in the kitchen while I'm trying to cook " GO!"  She gets in our face "GO!" HAHA we bout died when we realized how much we tell her "go" no wonder Hason thinks that's her name lol. 
*you love books and animals and cars
*your favorite food may be bananas.

Little booger is picky when it comes to his veggies.  Look at how he set the avocado to one side.  That's what he always does.  He doesn't like avocado, broccoli, applesauce or squash.  Little does he now that his mom is very determined and hard headed.  I won the sleep training battle I will win this one too! Or I will die trying (like I almost did from sleep deprivation) 

But he loooooves food. If he sees food or sees you cooking or you put him in his high chair he will go nuts yelling MO, MO, MUUUUUUM!!!!! Meaning more.  He's even discovered this awesome place where food is kept that's just his height...........

Yes he took a drink outta my empty juice cup...oh well, there's worst things.  He's always puling crap outta the trash trying to eat it!

Oh and I guess I need to mention the has found that....... All thanks to his dad.  I always try to detour his little hands away from that thing while changing his diaper.  Well one night Landon comes in telling me how proud he is of his boy for finding it, Good Lord. Now every time I change his diaper he's trying to grab something.  This is what I was trying to avoid.  I heard this obsession didn't start till age 3.  Way to go Landon.
Hase loves his cars.  He plays with them all the time and stopped calling them cars and just makes car noises now.  You will almost always see him walking around with a car in one hand...and sometimes a princess in the other haha.

I always knew I wanted a girl. I never knew I needed a boy! You have wrecked my heart in the most beautiful way. The connection we have is deep and indescribable. You bring our family so much joy with your sweet laughs and smiles. Your beautiful birth was healing, it mended my broken heart. I thank God you are my son. Momma and Dada love you deeply Hason! Happy first birthday to my beautiful handsome Nene!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hason's First Haircut!

I've been dreading the day of Hason's first haircut,  I just knew it would take my child from baby to big boy in a matter of seconds, but he totally needed one............

Love him like this! He's so chubby and cuddly! 

Bye Bye curls :'(

I could just eat him and this picture!!!!!!

He did so incredibly well, I had no idea how he would react but having a sucker when you've never had candy before sure helped!  I was cringing the whole time at the thought of my one year old eating candy, Oh well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  This was a bid day in this mommas life,  I got a little teary eyed.

I don't believe that's the safest way to drive...

This picture is so awkward, it looks like he has a weird looking arm haha! Gosh darn it I love those little foots and I love when he uses them and puts them on things.

What a studly little man!

YUP! Hason is officially 3 now!  But I love it!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Enjoying our cool summer!

Our winter was unseasonably cold this year which sucked but it sure has made for a nice unseasonably cool summer as well.  
Playin in the rain! 

And this is how you shop after leaving the splash park lol!

Landon got invited to a rangers game by one of his customers. It was so fun! It was in Pudge Rodriguez's old suite actually which was cool!

They had lots of neat photos and memorabilia to look at

Lucky dogs! I'd love to meet that man! 

We even got free valet because we drove out Lexus! Apparently if you drive a Lexus you get that luxury. Too bad we sold it and got a Honda instead. No more free parking for us :(

This boy is so sweet, I'll ask for kisses and of course he gives me open mouth ones...

Then he snacks his lips together making kissy sounds afterwards :)

I love it when we go shopping as a family! Normally it's just me with the kids, I love having Landon along! On this particular day we were looking for furniture to update our living room a bit! I'm sooo excited! Pictures soon!

This honey bear bout has a fit over needing the pink chair! I said if you want the pink chair figure it out... Well she pushed it all the way around the table to her spot. There ya go!

Happy now.... Girls... Lordy!

 $1.50 margaritas at Rosas! Sign me up!!