Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Potty Time!

Well, It's that time...Potty training time! This post is waaaay overdo but we have been at it for two months and Brielle has been doing great. At 28 months old she decided to ask to use her potty, Landon thought he'd humor her and let her try, low and behold she went!!! We were beyond happy and proud. I had been putting off potty training cause frankly I wasn't looking forward to it, heard to many bad stories. I've just always felt that it shouldn't be that hard if the kid is ready, and I was right....It's been quite easy thank goodness!
This is her first time using the potty!  So glad my camera was charged!
Oh were we sooo extremely excited for her!
We went out and bought some motivating supplies, m&m's, stickers, Minnie mouse panties and a sticker notebook!
She loves her panties.....she put them on all by herself.
Five pairs to be exact. HAHA!  She's still got some baby rolls, makes me happy!

She has advanced so much in her potty training. 

She can pull her own panties down and use her little potty all by herself.

Then she will take it over to the big potty and pour it out.

Proud girl!

She will also get herself a reward.  We keep M&M's on the bathroom counter and she will pull her stool up and get only 1! If too many come out of the bag she will pick her favorite color and then put the rest back! Such a big girl, and that means minimal work for us, LAZY I know HA!

Stop laughing at my bottom, pull up's aren't as easy to use as they look when your only two!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoying Our Last Day

We were super happy finally see our girl in the morning.  We missed her so much especially after watching that sweet couple with their two girls!

My mom used to do our hair like this when we were little, we called it Cachumbo's in Spanish.

Lita got Brielle a swimsuit and swim cover up for when she visits her next time.

She just looks so grown up sometimes.

While mom was at work on Monday Brielle and I went on a stroll on the beautiful walking trail!
Brielle had only been to this trail twice, I thought I'd see if she know how to get there on her own so I followed her through the maze of the apartment complex.......and low and behold she found it.  Kinda scary, I can totally see her getting out and heading that way on her own.  I told my mom if she ever escapes she'd know where to find her!

We just sat by the water and talked about the duckies and soaked up some sun.
I live for those beautiful moments with my baby!
It was so peaceful!
Turtles sunbathing
Ready to go eat!  I love it when an outfit can be worn 2 year in a row!
We ate at one of my favorites our last night there

Ok so the burrito doesn't look that big in the picture but it was HUGE!

We had a wonderful time visiting mom and are super sad to have to head back home.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Melanie's Wedding Day!

 Saturday night one of my sorority sisters got married in Tyler.  I went to high school and graduated with her husband.  They are both super sweet people!

Lindsey...she always has the cutest outfits and accessories.....and look at Miss Skinny Mini Khara,
I'm so proud of her!

The reception hall was beautiful!

You wouldn't want to be a part of this country club and not pay your dues...they post your name up for the whole world to see, and blog about!  How embarrassing!

Beautiful flower arrangement with all sorts of pretty colors!

Gonna get my hands on a fondue flower!  I think I'm the only person that's likes to eat that stuff!
Lindsey, Me and Khara

My sweet husband tagged along and was one of the girls for the night!


Liz and Alicia with their glow stick headbands.  Liz and I had some much needed catch up, miss that girl!

The happy couple!

I loved this family!  I don't know who they were but I creeped on them all night.  The dad would scoop both his little girls up in his arms, his wife would join them and they all would just dance on the dance floor like this, melted my heart...made me want two girls!

 Shades is a special song that all Chi Omegas sing at special occasions.  We always leave a space open for those sisters who can't be with us and especially for God!
I just can say enough about how beautiful Melanie looked! I'm so happy for her!

A few glasses of wine later.......

Khara's actually fanning herself but we'll pretend she's eating the leaf ha!

Ok so there was this guy there....the front of his hair was died peacock colors.  He came sliding over in the middle of the girls pictures....and my lovely friend Alicia can't hide how she feels about that.
Come on Alicia, give him a chance. Her face is priceless.....but look how excited flock of seagulls guy is ha!

 Everyone needs an Alicia type friend I tell ya!
Boy was that strange man the life of the party though

Who does this!?
Afterwards the girls and I (and Landon) headed out for a night on the town

Crazy Alicia again


That was sooo much fun!  I love my friends! My heart if full!!!!!