Thursday, November 21, 2013

Animals In Action

A couple weekends ago we had planned to go to a Museum but the weather was so phenom we couldn't pass up a day outside considering we don't know how many more we have left. Landon hadn't been to the Ft Worth Zoo since the week we moved here so that's where we went. I went two weeks before giving birth to Hason, little did I know I was that close to having him, no wonder I was so miserable and felt like he was gonna fall out haha.  Anything to spend my last days as a mom of one with my beauty.

The animals were in action that day, we got so see some cool stuff, look how close to the glass this guy was!

My boys in their matching shirts! LOOOOVE IT!

We got to see the tiger swim! He got in there more than once, it was so neat.  Tigers are Landon's fav.

When we got on the train the employees told us we had to empty our stroller and put it in a repeater car folded up....are you kidding you know how much loose crap we had!! Needless to say Landon and I weren't happy.  We started pulling everything out and were having so much trouble, Landon's nice sunglasses fell off the top of his head and the lenses popped out, we couldn't get the stroller to close, we were trying to stuff everything into Hason's car seat all the while Brielle yelling..."I want to sit in that one!" over and over and over...while everyone was waiting on us.  Good Lord were we flustered.  In frustration I yelled "Shut Up" which I never do.  After we got on and settled it was a fun little family ride.  We just had to laugh cause we didn't realize it at the time but when I yelled shut up the entire bus got quiet lol oops!  I was that crazy mom, it's ok..I don't feel that bad, I haven't slept in almost 5 months and the fact that Landon the "calm" one was just as annoyed makes me feel like I wasn't outta line :)


This was the coolest part of all...this Eagle had just gotten a rat and was eating it right above our heads! How stinkin awesome is that! Watch out for the dropping body parts!

So long zoo....Until next year.  (I'll have a little stinker running around then, can't wait)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This Boy.

There's this boy...and he kinda has my heart !

I've started our tie need to add some bow ties to the mix.

You are a lucky boy to have a sister who loves you so very much.

I think you got your dad's crazy eyebrows...see picture below..

There's Landon...

Lol those eyebrows!

Brielle never lost her hair.  Your aunt Emily talked about how Levi and Chloe got the smile in the back of their did to, it's so cute.

I can't get over these fat ole legs of yours! They're so full!

And this is what your house looks like when you have a baby...I've obviously lost control!

My little butter ball turkey!

My beautiful little Nene you are.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brielle, You At 4.

Here's a little about Brielle as a 4 year old, I wanted to wait until she had her 4 year check up to post her stats.
When did you grow on up?!  (she say's "at my birthday party")
My little beauty gorge I call her.
*you are 35lbs 40th percentile I can remember your height but it's in the 70th percentile and if you keep growing at this speed you will be 5'6...half an inch taller than me:)

*You wear size 4 clothes and size 8 shoe

*you can get yourself dressed, make your own sandwich, brush your's wonderful having a big girl to help out.
*You've started to show signs that things might embarrass you, especially at school with your friends. For example...I bought you a robe and wanted you to put it on one morning cause it was cried and got upset saying it was too long and the kids might laugh at you, I had to explain that robes were for the house and you weren't going to wear it to school  Then you had to take an item to school that began with the letter "O",  I suggested your Dora globe because of the "ocean" said it was to big to take.  As in none of the other kids have ever taken something that big so you weren't gonna be the first.  Bless your little heart.

*you are still a marvelous eater! you will eat anything and you will try anything dad and I ask you to try.  You do however dislike two things now...onions and green peppers.  (you'll only eat the onions if they have been cut up real fine and sauteed, that's ok with me..who needs onions anyways...I didn't like them till I was grown either.)

*you're very good at coloring and staying in the lines.  You love to color things in rainbow colors.

*you wake up at 8am now as opposed to 9am but that's ok cause I was spoiled for 3 years and now you have school to get up for.

*you are an excellent big sister

Here you are at your Dr's appointment, you don't see this place very much cause you just don't ever get sick.  I suspect that will change considering you're in preschool now

You were so brave and not scared at all, even though I did tell you you'd be getting some shots and they would hurt. I want to be real honest with you so that you will always trust me.

You passed you seeing and hearing tests with flying colors.

I don't know what this is but I didn't tell her to do it haha...

The doctor likes to see where the children are in their mental development so she will have them name off shapes and other symbols.  She also has them draw some.  The first few were to easy for B so she had her do a few more advanced drawings, including a picture of herself.  When she was finished the Dr. said a 1st grade level child is supposed to draw a person with six points. Brielle drew hers with 8, the Dr. laughed at the fact that she even added pupils to the eyes.  We are proud of our smart girl. We may have a creative little artist on our hands.

We celebrated afterwards with some McDonalds, one of her preschool friends just so happened to be there too and they go to play which was perfect.

You still love your daddy more than anybody else!

Funny Stuff About You:
  -The other day she was pretending to put makeup on in my bathroom. She was very meticulous about it too, took her a while to get it the way she wanted, even though she wasn't even using real makeup haha.  Anyways Landon went up, hugged and kissed her and she angrily told him "DAAAD! you're messing up my makeup!" LOL it's already started!

-She's like her daddy in the sense that she wants things to be perfect and get upset when they are not.

-you get excited when something has jewels or "sparkles" as you call them. You got some new jeans with pink jewels and you were excited.

-When she prays at night she always starts every sentence to God with "Make sure"....Dear God Make sure we don't get sick and make sure I have a birthday party ha!

-She is sensitive and weird about smells.

-you love puzzles and are very good at them

-She says the funniest stuff:
  In the parking lot she says  "White is where the young people is and the blue lines is where the old people is"

"I'm a kid and ya'll are people" she tells us.

"mom does everyone have Jesus in their heart"  I couldn't help but tell you yes.


What's your favorite color: Pink

What's your favorite movie: Cars, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid

What's your favorite tv show: Doc Mcstuffins (I honestly don't think she has a fav)

What's your favorite song: Zacchaeus was a wee little man

What do you want to be when you grow up: A race car driver

What would you buy if you had a $1,000: A thousand stuff

What's your favorite veggie: carrots

Who is your hero: Dad

What's your favorite animal: Unicorns and Horses

What's your favorite book: Minnie mouse book (it's like a where's waldo)

What's your favorite toy: Lightning Mcqueen and my cars race track

Who is your best friend: The new madeline (we used to have a little girl that lived next door named Madeline that moved away, so ever since then her preschool friend has been called "the new" Madeline ha)

What's your favorite food: string cheese and yogurt (that's for sure!!!)

What time does mom get up: 5am

What does mom do while you are in school: Eat Lunch

What's your favorite thing about mom: playing with mom

Where does dad work: At dads work

What's your favorite thing to do with dad: play dress up with dad (I don't think they actually do that haha)

How tall is dad: 30 tall

How strong is dad: (makes muscles with arms and scrunches her face)

Can't remember if I've posted these pictures or not, but I love them so worth posting again in my opinion :) Besides when will I ever have a 4 year old and a 4 month old at the same time ever again?
Brielle you are very kind hearted and so sweet, you don't like to see people upset or hurting.  You are dramatic and cry at least once a day.  You've got a contagious giggle that dad and I both love.  You have been so patient with us during this time with a new baby and I appreciate  you so much for that.  I promise we will get more time together soon. We love you sweet girl with all our hearts.  Thank you for being you and teaching us about love and kindness in a way we never knew before.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hason Is 4 Months Old!

Hason you are 4 months old!

Things have been a little easier this past month (envision my finger and thumb almost touching) .  He is however hitting the 4th leap of the wonder weeks and that is a tough one...there so much going on and maturing in that little brain that it's hard on all of us.  He still hates sleep and he is hard to put to sleep and hard to keep asleep.  We have high hopes that after this month we should be on a downward slope and it should be smooth sailing!   Or maybe that's just wishful thinking ;)  I'm also gonna try a strict schedule this next week or two and see if it makes a difference and invest in some ear plugs.

He loves to push up the tray on his swing like this! I find it awfully cute and he concentrates so hard on it haha.  It's his little game.

*you weigh a whopping 17lbs 9oz! You are in the 90th percentile for weight.  The size of a 8 month old I believe.  You are 25 3/4 in long, 80th percentile for height. your head is in the 93rd ha but proportionate to your body :)
*I'm not sure if I posted this last time but we moved you to your own room at 3 months of age to see if it helped the sleeping situation, it didn't.  
*you rolled over closer to 3 months from belly to back and did it a lot for about 2 days but haven't done it since...lazy little thing you.
*you've really come to enjoy your swing which is good cause we didn't get much use outta it with your sister :) but you are pretty much over your bouncer
*You've started laughing out loud when you think something is funny. (that started at about 3 1/2 months).  If someone is sitting in the back seat  with you, you will just giggle and laugh at them, it's the sweetest thing! You also laugh really hard when being little sound in the world!
* We aren't going to do rice cereal but we did start you on some oatmeal here and there.  You didn't seem to like it or hate it.
*you're getting really good with your hands when it comes to reaching for things and picking them up.
*we are weaning you from the swaddle by leaving one arm are doing pretty good with that.  You like to sleep with that one arm draped over your eyes, it's so sweet.
*You are hard to put to sleep... we have to stand by your crib and pat and shush you. On a really good day you seem to take a 30 min nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap from about 11:30 to 1:30 and then a 30 minute nap in the evening.  You did have an 8 hour stretch a couple weeks ago, but it was a one time are waking about every 3 hours with a 6 hour stretch here and there (only had about 3 of those, sigh).
*You recognize mom and dad and get excited when you see us coming, you also recognize a bottle and know exactly what it's for.

Someone has learned how to pick things up and put them in his mouth.

You seem to really enjoy your toys

Vogue baby! 

We have even caught you pulling those legs up into crawling position, look at that sweet little plumbers crack!

Your sister adores you and you her.

I kinda don't want to mention this but when you grow up and this happens to you I want you to know it's ok....It happens to a lot of parents.
I let you roll off the of the were ok...good thing you're squishy.

Mom of the year here in my sleep deprived state started to put you in your sisters car seat after leaving your 4 month appointment. I had your paci attached to my shirt and if it wasn't for me looking for the hood on your car seat to reattach it to I may have not noticed you were in the wrong one! Dear Lord!
(you were worried for just a second)

Then you thought it was funny...
 On Nov 5th Hason was 4 months old.... it was also a year to that day that we found out we were pregnant with him!!! It was also the day me and Landon met 14 years ago.  Blessed day for sure! How time flies!