Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magic Kingdom Round Two!

Day two!  She makes a beautiful Snow White!
If I was thinking right I would have worn my this outfit with the leopard pants on Animal Kingdom day!  Oh well, I can't get it right all the time.
Before we headed out we stopped by the Cars hotel again so we could get pics in the daylight.  It was the cutest thing ever!

Their pool cabanas were cones lol!

The pool that we didn't use, spending time swimming seems like a waste of time on a trip now that we have a pool back at home.

A picture of our resort during the day, so incredibly cute.

This little honey bear princess was so good the whole time we were there.  I think there were only two times she got upset.  Everyone told us we would need a stroller but we decided to wait and rent one there.  NOPE!  She held her own every single day and we never rented one.  What a trooper, we were so proud of her.  She never complained once, how can you... you're at DISNEY!!

Patiently waiting for her food.  She's such a good good girl.  We are so lucky.

Our meet and greet with Belle was pretty different than the others.  This was actually interactive and all the kids got to act out a role with her from the movie.  Check out our adorable Mrs. Pots.

She loved the tea cups!

If you keep believing the dream that you wish will come true - Cinderella

Brielle loved Rapunzel.  She was so funny and chatty and just went on and on telling stories and asking questions.  The most bubbliest princess of them all by far.  Brielle said "she was funny and talked really fast"  I just wish I could tell all these ladies what a great job they did playing their characters and making these movies come to life.  

The freaking Buzz Lightyear ride!!! It was one of the most fun rides there that the whole family could do!  I think we rode it 3 times.

You are a sad strange little man - Buzz Lightyear

So the employees at the park with stop the "princesses" here and there and ask them for their autographs.  They sure know how to make a kiddo feel special, it was so sweet :)  Also everywhere you go they refer to the little girls in costumes as princess.  I just LOVED that!

Brielle's other gift she bought herself while we were there.  Their wings broke off after a day : / not cool.

I loved the safari ride, the tour guide had a whole spill and jokes to tell for the entire ride.  They were corny but really funny too.  She did a good job.

Our next meal was with Cinderella at Park Fare, It was cute and dainty in there.

I asked prince charming if his hair was real, he scolded me and said that wasn't a very polite question to ask a prince lol.  They don't break character for anything!

The stepmother and "evil" sisters as Brielle likes to call them were the hit of the night!  They played their roles to a T! When the stepmother walked up she looked at Brielle and said "hello, come into my presence"  and motioned her to come here lol.  

These sisters were loud and obnoxious but thought they were the cutest girls in the whole world.  They had us all laughing.  What a treat this was!

Beautiful lights parade.  I always get emotional anytime I see something patriotic.  I love our country.

We didn't get to see the show very well from the castle.  We weren't going to try and get to all the shows and parades.  If we made it we made it. If we didn't now big deal either.  

We did get to stand on the side and see the fireworks and see Tinker Bell take off on the high rope.

Lucky to share all these special experiences with this guy!  I don't know what I would have done without him and his navigational skills.   I was sad our time at Magic Kingdom was ending.  Next stop Universal Studios!