Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2nd Anniversary Of My 29th Bday!

31, worst feeling than 30 I'll tell ya that!
We had a mini party at home, complete with a s'mores pizza from papa murphys per my request.
I love robes! I practically live in them...I'm not ashamed to walk in it to get the mail or talk to neighbors.
My mom got me a new one, so so soft and silky!

My sweet hubby got me this card...

Little did I know the surprise I'd find inside. I laughed so hard I almost cried!

Do you watch the Bachelor  well I just love Sean.  My husband knows about my little crush and thought since it was my bday I was allowed to swoon a little.  I still can't believe he put that in there LOL!!!
 (there was more than just one 20 wrapped in there, he's not that cheap ha)

After my family party Trent and Emily treated us to a night out in Ft Worth at the stockyards.
We ate at Cattlemen's and it was so good!

Everyone needs to visit the stockyards....I can't wait to go in the daytime and stay till night to experience all there is to see and do.

I've not been my regular take 100 pictures kinda self lately.  While going through and deleting all the dark pictures I had tried to take of the stuff we saw along the streets I had accidentally deleted the one and only picture I had of Trent and Emily! I guess it was still selected from when I was editing it.
 Now it looks like they weren't even there : ( This is why I take a ton of pictures!!!

I do have some proof, Emily got me this super cute kitchen set!  What women doesn't love this stuff!

And how cute is the verse!

My cousin Juanita from Canada had already gone back home when I received this pink case in the mail! I was totally surprised and confused cause there was no note and I know I didn't order it.  We had a conversation about how I hate spending money on phones, phone plans and phone accessories but how I really needed a case so I wouldn't crack my screen.  She remembered and chose thoughtful!
 Thanks to all of you  for making me feel so loved and making my bday so special!
Also thanks to all my family and friends who sent birthday cards and gifts,
 I enjoyed displaying them on my counter top!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

MAVs Game

Our friends Natalie and Brad invited us to a Mavs game a couple weeks ago.  I was excited to go since I'd never been.  Too bad I wouldn't be spotting a year to late dangit!

In preggo style I got me a fabulous snack!

Natalie and I! Love hanging out with this girl!

They had these guys come out and do some tricks on a trampoline, they were amazing!!
It was a fun night with great friends!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dallas Zoo

Little blog has been a little neglected.  That's cause life has finally slowed down and we haven't had much going on.  We love to stay busy but this break is much appreciated!

While my cousin was in town from Canada we wanted to take her somewhere fun.  We had a couple of warmer days and decided to take advantage of the $5 fall Dallas zoo admission.
I'm sure I've been here but if I have I don't remember.

I love getting to interact with the animals!

This little sucker went around digging in peoples sleeves, coats, and purses seeing what he could find!
He pulled out my moms paycheck, smart birdie!

Juanita admiring the muskrats.

You do and they're BEAUTIFUL!

They have the neatest McDonald's close by done up in zoo fashion of course.  It was kinda like the rain forest cafe, the animals moved and made noises. It was so cute but since it wasn't in the best part of town the people were not and the service was terrible!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Years 2013

My Aunt Yasmin, Cousin Sasha and Cousin Juanita all came to stay with us for the New Years!
Here's all the girls.......Sasha's in there, just hiding....

I made us some New Years Snacks...Stuffed Mushrooms

Pizza Monkey a little brown but still delish

My mother in law Teresa's famous deviled eggs

and mini banana splits!

Landon taught my family the game of Farkle, a favorite on the Gann's side of the family.

Landon thought there were NO RULES!
"Put your shirt back on!"

Everyone liked the game, Yasmin liked it so much she said she was gonna buy it.

Look how close we all were...except Landon, he kinda won.

Early New years day we scurried up to Dillards for their big New Years Day sale!
Too bad the sales associate told us they opened at 8 when it was really 9.  So we sat in the parking lot for an hour and waited.........worth the wait though!

Me and Sasha scored some awesome whiskey colored riding boots. That's what I was on a mission for.
I was just about to give up on finding anything in my size when Sasha walked up and said look what I found....just laying there was a size 7 1/2.....I grabbed the next sales associate and asked if they had just one more pair.....wahoo they did!  I told him "thank you soooo much, I'd jump up and down but I'm pregnant and not really supposed to do that ha!"
Mission accomplished!

We ended the day with a nice fire and some games on the Wii

Their visit wouldn't be complete without learning some Gangnam Style!!!

HEEEY sexy lady!!!

My New Years resolution this year is to have more peace.  I had already decided that and then our preacher had a great sermon on Christmas Eve about it.  We live in America, and we still have no peace.  Our bad economy would be another countries dream economy....people worry about the dumbest things sometimes.  That's one thing I never ever forget is how blessed and rich we really are to live here.  I felt super bad shopping for mattresses last weekend cause most people in the world don't have one.
  It's a freakin luxury to have one if you think about it.  
I never forget or take that kind of stuff for granted.  We have it good here!
We serve a God, the prince of peace.
  I worry to much and just want to care a little less.  I may not be good at spending a daily quiet time with God but I do pray...a lot, like all the time all day long.  So this peace thing is something I'm gonna have to work on in my mind cause God's got my heart covered.  Wish me luck and good luck with yours!