Tuesday, June 8, 2010

High school reunion and very busy weekend

We had a very fun and busy weekend! My brother in law got back from basic training and was here for the weekend so we celebrated by going out Friday night.....

It was my 10 year high school reunion this weekend as well! Can't believe it. It went better than I thought it would and loved getting to see everyone. We started out the celebrating with Raider Rugrats at the park, we had a picnic with cake and everybody brought their little ones to celebrate. I didn't get may pics because I was too busy chit chatting, but here is Brielle and Briar meeting for the first time.

That night we had dinner at River Breaks Ranch, we had steak and there were horse races and a slide show, that were all great fun!

Two of my Besties from High School! I loved getting to spend some time with them!

After the reunion we went downtown for some drinks

I have been trying to find a red wine that I would love and my friend Tiff found this one at our wine bar called Crush....and I loooovvved it! It was sweet and had a litte fizz to it too! Finally!

Sunday my girlfriends and I met at Jasons Deli (yum) for lunch, some of our kids haven't had a chance to meet yet and we also wanted to say farwell to our friend Jennifer who was in town for the reunion.

Brielle, Kadyn and Briar (we will miss you when you go back home Briar!)

This was soooo sweet, Kadyn had to say bye to his long lost friend...then he hit him on the head and they both cried!! HAHA It was adorable! Love those little boys!

Brielle and Brogan couldn't stop looking and grabbing each other, Brogan just kept letting out the cutest little giggles! I just wanted to squeeze her, what a precious girl she is!

After lunch Brielle went to visit her Gigi and Gannpa

Sunday night we had a goodbye cookout for my sister and her husband because he is going back to base in wichita. It was so much fun, the Johnsons are the nicest people and always have the most fun get togethers!

Neely checking out their lake. Winston (in the background) fell in love with Neely, she's his new girlfriend, but when they got back up by the house he started barking at her cause he didn't want anyone to know how much he really liked her. haha silly little pug.

Me and my GIRLS!

My sister Kasey and Abner...the greatest little nephew dog in the WHOLE world!

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