Monday, August 11, 2014

Enjoying our cool summer!

Our winter was unseasonably cold this year which sucked but it sure has made for a nice unseasonably cool summer as well.  
Playin in the rain! 

And this is how you shop after leaving the splash park lol!

Landon got invited to a rangers game by one of his customers. It was so fun! It was in Pudge Rodriguez's old suite actually which was cool!

They had lots of neat photos and memorabilia to look at

Lucky dogs! I'd love to meet that man! 

We even got free valet because we drove out Lexus! Apparently if you drive a Lexus you get that luxury. Too bad we sold it and got a Honda instead. No more free parking for us :(

This boy is so sweet, I'll ask for kisses and of course he gives me open mouth ones...

Then he snacks his lips together making kissy sounds afterwards :)

I love it when we go shopping as a family! Normally it's just me with the kids, I love having Landon along! On this particular day we were looking for furniture to update our living room a bit! I'm sooo excited! Pictures soon!

This honey bear bout has a fit over needing the pink chair! I said if you want the pink chair figure it out... Well she pushed it all the way around the table to her spot. There ya go!

Happy now.... Girls... Lordy!

 $1.50 margaritas at Rosas! Sign me up!!

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