Thursday, February 11, 2010

playtime and great date experiment

Me and B have been having so much fun at home now that she is so much more aware of her we played with her rattles and watched praise baby dvds...she really likes them but they only hold her attention for a little while. She is learning how to grab and loves to try to put her toys in her mouth. It's so cute when she finally does it cause she gets so excited as if she's getting to eat something! HAHA!

Watching her praise baby dvd...

Here is something fun I found that I want Landon and I to try. It's called the great date experiment. A church in Arkansas came up with it, I looked over the first one and sounds like soooo much fun!!! I love this kind of stuff, Landon and I have read many relationship books and go to any and every sermon series we can whether it's at our church or not so this is right up our alley. It's hard with a new baby to make time for each other and when we do it's always the same old stuff, dinner and movie (there isn't much to do in Amarillo anyways). This is the website to the church and when you get there go to search great date, and this will tell you more about it! Or go here for the first date printout. Hope you try it out with us!

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