Monday, February 8, 2010

work, photo shoot, birthday and superbowl

This past week was filled with may events. I started back at work but you can hardly call it that cause I'm only there Mon, wed, Fri 9 to noon. It's perfect cause I help Landon out by making a little money and I get some me time, (don't now if work is the place for that, rather be at the spa HA!) My sweet friend Tiffani sent me this super cute cookie bouquet (I didn't want to eat the cookies, they were to pretty) for my first day back, she understands that it can be hard going back becuase she has a baby boy of her own. The day went great and I'm enjoying working again, but I would never trade it for staying at home with my baby so the hours are perfect!

This past weekend was Brielle's 3 month photo shoot and we had alot of fun as always. My friend Khara and her sister do her pictures and they always do an amazing job, can't wait to see them, until the here are a couple I snuck in with my own camera....

Also this weekend we had Ashleigh's 18th birthday party and Brielle got passed around and around by the family, it was fun to get together with everyone...

We ended the weekend at Kharas for the superbowl and Briell met some new friends. I think she liked them, and she was really good too!

here she is watching the game with daddy....

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