Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial weekend and 7 months old!

Brielle you are 7 months old...what are you up too....

*you weigh about 17 lbs
*you totally know when someone takes your toy away and throw fits over it now!
*you said dada for about a month now and finally started saying momma again
*you went to the pool for the first time and LOVED it
*you are still in size 2 diapers but not for long
*we have started your yellow veggies (carrots so far) and I think they are your favorite
*you may be getting a tooth, we aren't sure though
*not crawling yet but you do turn yourself all the way around on your tummy, especially in your crib, sometimes your facing a completely different way from where I layed you down
*you recognize your bottle and bowls now and get really excited when it's time to eat
*you are still the best sleeper ever(thanks to baby wise) and you are now the best eater too!
*your hair is finally long enough I can clip a bow in it without a headband!
*you love to find the tags on your toys and suck on them

We had a wonderful memorial weekend! Landon had 4 days off and I just loved it! I wish he could work 4 day weeks forever. I have tons of pictures to post.

We also took Brielle to the pool for the first time and she totally loved it! That makes me soooo happy because I love the pool and Landon & I really enjoy outside activities!

We went to the park Saturday night and enjoyed the beautiful weather, Brielle loves to be outside!

Love those big blue eyes!

We never gave her pacifiers when she was a baby but now I like to give them to her to chew on...she likes it better than her teething rings but not enough to get attached, haha, I never wanted to have that fight!

Sunday we went to church with some friends and they had a cookout afterwards with blow up toys and everything...Landon enjoyed the oversized slip and slide

Landon played some rounds of very wet dodge ball


Sunday evening our good friend had us over for another cookout. This is Brielle with one of Landons best friends Jeff aka Grandpa Bruns...she loved him!

we didn't have a sitter so we took her to the cookout and she played on her blanket for almost 4 hours without a care in the world. I love her at this age, she is so layed back and fun!

Monday we got out in the yard to finish our flower bed....I had extended it out about a foot all the way around about a week ago and we finished it up this weekend finally

We had quite the audience.........


and Neely

Love my little fluffy girl

We went to the pool again Monday afternoon and met some friends there. Brielle was in the nursery for about an hour and then we went and got her so she could play too. Mom and Dad needed some laying out time for ourselves : )

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