Saturday, August 21, 2010

9 month old

Brielle you are 9 months old, what are you up to........

*you are in the 50th percentile for weight, you weigh 18 lbs
*you are in the 75th percentile for height and so is your head ha!
*you are in size 3 diapers
*you have started clapping (I took you to a play and learn class at the library and you had so much fun you just had to clap your hands)
*you still sleep all night and are taking a morning and afternoon nap
*you've started giving high fives
*you love, love, love to have us read to you, you have learned some motions from your books like "arms up" and "mouth"(when you see that picture in the book you open your mouth really wide, it's soooo cute)you will sit so still and listen
through the whole book and your flashcards.
*When we start to get on to you and pull you away from something you shouldn't be doing you've started to smile, laugh and squirm, (when before you would actually turn around and look at us with a serious face and stop what your doing) how can we discipline you when you are being so cute!
*There is nothing you won't eat
*When you get upset sometimes the only person you want is momma, and I love that!
*you love your honey pot shapes toy and know that the shapes are supposed to fit in the holes but we have to turn the pot for you so that you feel like you put them in there yourself
*we bought you a new toy that has balls in it and when you push the handle down it releases the balls and they come rolling down, after showing you how to do it a couple of times, you learned and do it on your own all the time now, you laugh, bounce up and down, and look up at us everytime you make a ball come down(can you tell mom and dad think your sooo smart already haha)
*you can wave bye bye and say bye bye although you usually choose not to when we ask you to
*You have 1 and 1/2 teeth now!!! (you had no problems getting these teeth in thank goodness, hopefully the others will come without sleepless nights and fevers as well!) when I'm trying to keep your arms away from something, you try to bite sometimes and when you are bored you will come crawling up to us and try to bite our legs or arms, not out of meaness, it's just something fun and new to do and I'm sure it feels kinda good too

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