Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hurray Fall!

Summer is usually my favorite season but I just didn't enjoy it as much this year, I felt hotter this year than last when I was pregnant haha! I am ready for the cooler weather, fall decorations, and holiday coffees and pie!! Here are some pics from this summer that I never got posted........

Landon and I took a mini vacation to Austin this summer, We missed our baby but had soooo much fun together

we went to the melting pot and it was so cute and fun! We were stuffed when we left!

Dessert was my FAVORITE part!

Having drinks at the Oasis, it was beautiful there

We went parasailing for the first time! I was sooo scared until they dipped us in the water and I was able to see how slow we actually would float down if the rope were to snap! It was unusually peaceful and quiet being up there that high.

I am sad the pool is closed and wanted to go one more time before that happened but missed out, here is the last time we went this summer...

I'm gonna miss all those cute swimsuits B wore, I guess I'll just have to start looking for next years outfits haha!

My baby sister got married this summer!!!!!!WOOOHOO but first and foremost we had to have a bachelorette party!!

On to the Wedding of the YEAR!!!

My bestest friend!

Sisters and Cousins!

Aren't the ring bearers the cutest you've ever seen!!!

Cutest Flower girl ever if you ask me! she was soooo good during the whole ceremony!

I also took a girls trip to ruidoso this summer...It's so nice to get to spend time alone with friends!

A little wine tasting......yummmmm........

Last here are some beautiful pics my friend took of Brielle when she was 9 months old, love that little girl more than life itself!

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