Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A womens best friend (and it's not diamonds)

4 years ago today I bought my first very own dog! She is an American Eskimo and I fell in love with her from the time I set eyes on her. I was worried that Landon would not let me get her, for one she was a small white fluffy dog and he never considered those kinds as dogs, and she was about $200.00 over the dog budget he gave me. Well he gave in and I got my baby!!! She has been so much fun to have and is one of the smartest dogs I know! She is extremely easy to train and is willing to do anything just to be with us. Landon was getting Christmas lights out of the attic and she climbed the ladder to be with him! When I take her and Brielle to the park (I always take them both) she will climb on the playground gyms with us and even go down the slides haha!

Neely and her rat brother Rosco

Her first Birthday party,

They say when you have a baby the dog becomes just a dog, this is soooo not true! She is probably even more important now than she's ever been. Now that I am mostly a stay at home mom, Neely really does give me soooo much company, I never feel alone. When Brielle was super little and I would take her out, I would lug Neely around with us, crazy for some people but not for me, It was like having a friend come along!

meeting for the first time (ignore the bra, just had a c-section, really didn't care what i looked like ha)

She loves doing agility courses!

Any who, to my sisters, cousins, and family.. dogs (or animals) mean alot to us and are huge parts of our lives! we will never understand why people want outside dogs and we will always think that people who have never owned a dog are just plain weirdos! Our pets will always love us not matter what we do or do to them! Can't say the same about people, even the ones closest to you, think about that one. (now... most of you think I'M a weirdo haha, thats ok) I can't help it, I looovvvee animals!

4 Wheelin with her mom

Oh how she loves her dad!

I love you Neely, my sweet ole pup!!

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  1. I love to see this happy family , long live you all :)


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