Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best of Amarillo and Halloween 2010

My moms Yoga studio won "Best of Amarillo 2010! Wooohooo! I was so excited when I found out! I am so proud of my mom, she works really hard and cares a lot about her students! I cried when I saw that she had won because I know she deserves this more than anyone!

My sister and cousin and I all went to the Best of 2010 event to help pass out flyers...

Brielle had a great first halloween, well technically it's not her first but she was only a week old last year and I was recovering from a c-section so we stayed home with our new little family last year.....here is my little stinker.....

Now on to the non stressful part of Halloween (taking a baby to 50 different family's housed for trick or treating is NUTs!) Our friend Tanner hosted a Halloween party at his house. It was so much fun and I actually made it till 2am! I just knew I'd be done by 11:00. Landon and I were "The Situation and Snooki" from Jersey shore. What a worthless show to watch and I don't really know what intrigues us about it but somehow we've seen every episode ha!

We got a situation!

Fist pumpin!

me and my beautiful sister in law "Madonna"

Singing to my favorite...JESSICA SIMPSON

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