Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful designs by kyanke designs!

My best friend and her sister do photography and graphic design as a hobby and are really really good at it! I've posted many of the pictures they have taken for us before, so I just had to show just a few of the invitations they have done for my family! This is their website if you in need of some creativity!

This is our 2010 Christmas card, I wanted these colors with leopard and this is the beautiful design they came up with!

This is Brielle's first birthday invitation, I came up with the idea and told them the colors I wanted and this is their finished product, fantastic huh!

My sisters bachelorette party Invite, the girl totally looks like her too!

my sisters wedding invitation (can you tell we LOVE black and white!)

my baby shower invitation, It matches B's room!

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