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Christmas 2010

Warning...I got really behind on blogging during the holiday so here is all of December wrapped into one....Talk about picture overload!!!!!!!

We started out the Christmas season at Wolflin Village (one of my favorite shopping places) for their open house night! I shopped till I dropped and got all new decor for my Chritmas tree and some for the house....Then we went to Divine Wine and had some fun with just the girls! It was such a fun night, I can't wait to do it again next year!

We also took mommy to see the play "it's a wondrful life". I boohooed my eyes out, it was a great play and it was so nice to spend time with my mom and sisters!

We took B to visit santa at the library because it was free!!! No $15 pictures here!!

sweet girl saw a little boys cookies sitting on the ground and she pointed to them and told us all about them but didn't once try to take one, I guess she knew they weren't hers

Is that him!!!???

Who is this guy

She did not like Santa at all, she just liked looking at him from afar haha!

Every year we do a gift exchange between all our dogs...between my sister, mom, aunt and me we have 9 dogs, by size 2 Chiawawas,yorkie, Daushound, Scottish Terrier,American Eskimo,American Bull Dog, Blue Border Collie and a Rottwieler! I thiink that covers every breed known to man haha.

Tillie trying to win the prize for most tricks!

here are the dogs treats

Neely opening her present from her secret Santa dog!

This year my group of girlfriends got together and had snacks, games and a pajama exchange! I love my sweet friends so much!

Then it was time for the Wylies annual ugly sweater party/adult beverage white elephant exchange...lots of laughs that night!

I love decorating for the Holidays. Even more now that I have a child, I plan on going all out for all the major ones! Every year we add to our outdoor lights...poor Landon, he's such a good sport about it!

Fall and the holiday season are slowly becoming my favorite time of the year....I still love summer but theres just something I'm loving about fall! I can't believe how quick time flies when your having fun, here are some pictures of my favorite girl from last year.



We have always celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, it works out perfectly because with Landon's family this isn't' the case so they get to fight over who gets to celebrate on the actual day haha

Candlelight Christmas Eve service, it was sooo beautiful!

My sister made this shirt because her husband is overseas in Iraq this year...the back says Colton, I got a picture of it but can't find it, too cute huh!?

Mom singing to Abner, he likes to sing back!

My cousins and Aunt, Jasmine flew Natalie up for Christmas...we wasn't even here 24 hours before she had to go back to Houston for work but we were all very happy she was here!

Jump for Jesus!!!

Haha! This is one of my favorite pictures ever!!! Look at my sister, what a goober!

Panty hose girls! we didn't even plan this, great minds...great taste!

Brielle playing the maracas, my mom and aunt do this thing for Christmas where they read some bible verses, sing some Spanish songs and play insturments...Colombian Tradition!

catch phrase!!

In laws being buddy buddy, It is Christmas after all!

Secret Santa gifts! We don't open gifts till midnight, we've done this since I was little.

We love our DADDY!

daddy showing Brielle his very very old Rudolph. he still plays music, lights up and walks after all these years

Pick me up!!!!

Brielle's new adorable coat from Lita!

B and Aunt Kitty

Brielle playing with her hamster from aunt kitty

Abner attacking B's hamster! Watch out for those gums haha!

Derrick and his evil troll friend hahaha!

The boys

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010 with my sweet family

B in the outfit I made her, hopefully she can wear it next year as a shirt

Christmas at the Ausins!
Isn't grandad the sweetest!

We got all the grandparents photo albums of brielles newborn, 3,6,9, and 12 month pictures...and here is Nonna tearing up with hers.

Brielle and her cousin Allie

Gifts for the white elephant gift exchange

We celebrated Christmas morning with just the 3 of us....I totally surprised Landon with a PS3, I bought him some clothes and had him open those first and then I had him help Brielle open her big present...only it wasn't Brielle's, it was his!!! He had no idea... I picked up extra hours at work and got a holiday job and sold a Louis Vuitton backpack I bought at a garage sale, to get money so I could surprise him...It's hard when you don't work to pull these things off haha!

And here is B with her Christmas present...and yes I said Christmas present...We try to be frugal where we can and a 1 year old doesn't know the difference yet between 1 toy and 20. Even when she does we don't plan on making Christmas all about presents. Growing up my sisters and I all got about 4 presents each, we were happy kids and definalty not deprived. Landon and I limit our gifts as well (he must have been really good this year ha) oh and I got Ugg boots! yay! we have everything we need and feel so abundantly blessed!

Christmas #3 was a Grandma Dorothys house. All her kids and us grandkids got together and bought her a flat screen TV that she has wanted for years. She was sooo surprised and cried. It was one of the best moments I had ever experienced watching her reaction!

Gannpa fanning B with a box, just look at their faces...cracks me up!

Christmas now....

Christmas then.....

We thought we could order pizza but forgot everything was closed on Christmas Eve, so next best thing...DENNYS haha. It was the longest wait and B was sooo hungry I let her have a sucker that was in my purse, I was desperate!

Waiting patiently...

Starting to get angry..

Excited about her very own kitchen from Gannpa and Gigi!

Last but not least we celebrated Christmas #4 at Grams and Pops house on New Years Eve

Dancing with her uncle Trent

Brielle loves,loves,loves to play in boxes, she will somehow make herself fit in the littles ones too ha!

Every Christmas Grammy does a scavenger hunt for all us kids (kids ha). She hides these clues all around the house and that lead us to the presents, we love it and wil be soooo sad when we aren't considered the kids anymore!

Silly Kaytie, always doing something funny

Is it behind the globe says Trent?

Found them!!!!!! Hurray!

All the Cousins, and boy do I love them, they make getting together with family just that much more fun!

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