Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Part 2

Saturday evening we met Landon's family at sports world for some putt putt golf

After her big win, Brielle collected her tickets and for some reason this is where she wanted to store them hahaha, cracked us up! Oh how I adore that little girl!

I guess she thought "nobody will find them in here"

Gigi...why are you looking at me so creepy!?

Checking out the icky frog

Landon doesn't play games unless you keep score, what's the point if no winner or loser right he says!

Randy fishing my ball out of the water

Look who got a hole in one!! He actually got another one after that, he may go pro!

Of course we couldn't end the night without a little ice cream!

Gannpa wanted everyone to know his granddaughter was there!

Brielle had fun coloring with Lori!

Darn Paparazzi follows her everywhere I swear! Ha!

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