Tuesday, September 27, 2011

End of summer fun

Landon was gone the end of last week so it was just us girls

We ran a lot of errands, B has figured out that if she turns the knobs on these things that sometimes stuff comes out (she has gotten lucky a couple times without putting any money in ha) My mom always likes to tell the story of the first time I put money in one of these when I was little and how she thought it was soooo adorable, until the next time when she didn't have any money and I threw myself on the ground and threw the biggest fit ever! ME, throw a fit....NEVER : )

Excited about her present from dollar tree

This is one of her favorite things now (it's my favorite when all of us including stuffed animal and Landon hold hands and to it!)

Ring around the rosie....

Pocket full of posies.....

Ashes Ashes.....

We all fall down!

No that is not the moon, last week we were invaded by aliens......

Not sure yet if it was a satellite or a weather balloon or aliens, but it was pretty cool either way! I noticed it because it was above my house....then it followed me to chili's and hovered there for a bit. It was funny watching all the people coming outside to look at it. I think it followed me cause it was mad I took pictures of it!

Girls night at Chili's with my sisters

Saturday afternoon we went to the pool for the last time, perfect timing because it was 90 degrees that day!

oh she's gonna miss this!

Well with the ending of summer comes winter and cute winter boots, I busted these out this weekend and treated them for the winter!

Sunday afternoon we kept Brielle's friend Maddie for a little while

Neither one of them were looking at me so I asked them to look up so I could get a picture and this is what they did haha!

Why'd you stop!

Little mommies haha!

They were both pretty wet after this game

Sunday night we surprised Teresa and Randy at their bowling league night.

Seriously mom! I'm trying to play and all you want to do is take pictures?!

Brielle you love your books!

Especially "a potty for me" which you call "ME" book, and the "dozer" books, dad hid those from you cause that's all you wanted us to read to you and considering they are only picture books and we have to make up the words, they get kinda tiring ha!

We just couldn't be prouder of you, last week you counted to 10 all by yourself & have been doing it ever since and you can say your ABC's A through G then you skip to Q through Z! What a cutie you are!


  1. 1. Love your swimming suit! don't know how you make a 1 piece cool but you did it lol
    2. Brielle is too precious, especially in her leopard shirt and pink bow : )
    3. I miss you guys a ton!!!!
    Give B a big hug and kiss for me!


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