Friday, August 3, 2012

Fast and Furious!!!

Last weekend  Randy, Teresa and Ash came to visit us.  Landon and Kaytie had bought their dad a chance to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari for fathers day.  Of course Landon bought one for himself as well.  This was the weekend they got to do that!
 Randy waiting his turn..he's the guy in the white shirt behind the guy in the white shirt : )
 And he's off! 
 I didn't know that they had condos out there!  I'd like to see what kind of rich red neck lives there ha!

 Now it's Landon's turn.  He paid to have a video camera on his helmet so he could record his race.  
He wanted to drive the Lamborghini but apparently a lady totaled one of them that morning and the line was awfully long for those.YIKES! 
That's gonna cost her!

 It was soooo cool getting to watch and hear those cars!  I kinda regretted not buying me at ticket to drive.
 He looks pretty good in there, might have to get us one!

 Brielle was soooo good considering it was about 105 out there,
luckily we were only outside for about 30 minutes.

 He loves that dad of his!

  The cheerleaders.

 After an extremely hot afternoon it was time for some swimming!

 Brielle and her Aunt Ashleigh

 I had to barrow all these pics from Teresa's camera cause unfortunately I forgot my bag at the lake and somebody stole my camera, Yup fantastic.  

 For their last day we drove them up to see our "potential house" and had lunch at Schlotzkys. 
 Landon and I have a thing for that place lately.

 We were extremely happy to get to spend the weekend with our awesome family!

 Before they headed out I took the girls to one of my new favorite stores Charming Charlies and the guys too k B to Barnes and Noble to play with the trains.  She enjoyed ever second with her Gannpa and Gigi!

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