Friday, August 10, 2012

South Fork Ranch

This past weekend was so fun.  I just love exploring all the new things this city has to offer and there is soooo much!!! We headed to Allen to shop at the outlet malls but before that we stopped to take a tour of South Fork.  If you haven't been watching the show Dallas, it's great. 
Kinda funny that mine and Landon's parents used to watch the old Dallas when we were kids and now we are watching the new ones now.

 Our tour tractor

 apparently they used wide angle lenses to make the pool appear bigger on the show.

 This was an interesting disappointing fact but they don't film any of the scenes in the house.  All indoor scenes are in a warehouse downtown somewhere.  They just use the outside of the house cause you can't recreate the prettiness of it!

 The gazebo is new or else they would have had it in the wedding this season.

 This was so cool, Elena's home is just behind the main house.  I don't know why but for some reason she reminds me of my cousin Natalie, the way she looks to.

 We were headed home when I got a call from my friend Melodie and she asked us to meet them in Plano for dinner......we just happened to be driving through Plano right when she called, so it was a date!
Afterwards we shopped at the Shops at Legacy, I loved it there.  Everyone was dressed so cute and fancy and they had great places to eat and cute boutiques.  I love going places where people dress up in cute dresses and heels just for the heck of it!  That doesn't happen where I come from.

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