Sunday, March 1, 2015

Austin Christmas 2015

Brielle loves visiting Aunt Kaytie at her work, we had to check out her new office as boss lady!

Someones hitting the terrible twos or should I say daddy early.

I'm sorry dadda for hitting.  Kisses. 

My friend Tana asked me to stop by her boutique cause she had something for me.  It was this cute layering Chi Omega necklace.  I swear she has the kindest heart.  The world would be a better place if more people were like Tana and her hubby Billy.  I just adore them.

Finally Christmas at Grandmommy's   We had a Mexican feast, she always goes all out that woman!

Precious lady always wanting to make the holidays special for us.

I can't even explain what this picture does to me, I want to scoop them up and roll them in a little ball and eat them!  Or maybe just give them a big ole squeeze and smother then with kisses.  Children are miracles. 

The love of my life!

Brielle looks like a gorgeous grown up girl right there....

He is always making a mess,  trying to pour milk from his leaky sippy into a cup but he got it everywhere as you can imagine.  

How cute is niece and aunt matching perfectly. 

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