Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hason's 18 Months Old!

 I don't know why I never thought of this until now but putting his coat on backwards makes it a hell of a lot easier putting him in that car seat since puffy coats and cars eats are a no no.  I just put him in and slip it off!

He is such a boy but he's not ashamed to sport a couple of moms handbags.

He loves getting this DVD out and showing us the snowman,  he calls them Ho Ho Ho's :)

This boy turned 18 months old a couple months ago.  I just hate it, it was heart wrenching watching Brielle go from baby to toddler now a little girl, but it's even harder this time cause I realize how fast it happens and the fact that Hason is the baby makes me feel like he should be that way forever and he's my last so it hurts, it hurts a lot :(

He still doesn't say much, he is more eager to repeat words though especially if Brielle is the one teaching him.  We can tell he's gonna be the clown of the family, he is so funny  and makes us laugh all the time.  He's so loving and cuddly, gives hugs and kisses away to whoever.  He says bye bye a hundred times in the most sweetest voice ever when we leave places. 

 He's started hitting his terrible twos, his fits consist of hitting and throwing things.  Brielle's fallen victim of a couple of hot wheels to the head recently : ( makes me mad when he hurts her.  We have had to set up a playpen in our room for a time out spot.  I have to admit it is harder for me to get on to him than it is Brielle. Why is that, I have seen my other friends with their babys of the family too and the youngest by all means seems to get away with more.  It was like that in mine and Landon's family growing up too.  

All the sudden he loves sheep, of all the animals in the world, what a lame animal to like!  He calls them Shee.  If he doesn't know what an animal is it automatically becomes a shee!   He says Brielle's name "Bee el", he calls my mom Tita (Lita).  He loves twinkle twinkle little star and hums it all the time ;)  He's still obsessed with toy cars and loves animals.   He's a great runner and has great balance.  Brielle was always a clumsy little thing.   He does this thing when he gets excited, for instance when he gets a new hot wheel or I'm serving him food he will run in place out of excitement while waiting for me to open or serve whatever it may be.  So cute!

One more tidbit of information,  his pooping has gone from 4 to 5 times a day to 2 to 3!!  You know momma likes that lol.  

Not a fan of having to be a big boy and stand on that scale.

Helping out a little,  they are about to measure that giant head of his.

Yummy roles...

My biggest helper, I can always count on her when I need to.

I mean isn't this the epitome of a man haha.....

Here are his stats
Weight 30.2lbs 97th percentile
Height 33.7  85th percentile
Head 19.7 97th percentile 

When he's done with his food he puts it on the table next to him and pushes it away, he doesn't want to look at it on his plate anymore.

He's still my pickier eater.  Sometimes he like squash, sometimes he doesn't but I can ALWAYS get him to drink my smoothies.  They always consist of spinach, kale, fresh squeezed orange juice, cucumber and then I throw in a couple other things depending on what I have on hand, canteloupe, pineapple, blueberries, banana, celery or carrots. 

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