Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New years 2010

We brought in the new year with wonderful family and friends as usual...except this year we didn't host the party. We have hosted it 3 years in a row now..I think ha, even last year with a 2 month old I was determined to have a party, I wanted to feel normal again I guess. Well I didn't feel like cleaning up such a big mess this year! Here are some picture of our eventful night......

Some brother and sister in law love...

somebody's being a very sorry loser!

Every year we make our way out to the garage and toast to the new year and sip champagne... well this year since it was at Brandi's house she changed the rules up a little bit...she had about 12 bottles of chanpagne, she closed the door to the house and said nobody was leaving till we finished them all!!! AAAHH!

We couldn't stand to have that so my sister and landons sister who happened to be standing by the fridge, had the bright idea to start hiding the bottles in there as they came by when Cota wasn't was sooo funny when she found them! after that we all escaped!

It was a fun time but we went home right after midnight because Dillard's was having a huge sale the next day and I was definitely not gonna miss that...I even drug poor Landon out with me!

My new years resolution this year is to be more patient. I want to be slower to anger, I want to be a nicer person, I want to be a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, cousin and friend! I want to enjoy life more and all of God's goodness in it! I want to slow down and say no and focus on what's important! We only have one life to live so live it good! I am convinced that the years my children are young will be the sweetest years of my life and I just want to soak it all up!

Here are some of the books I'm gonna tackle this semester, hopefully they will help me be a better me! We never know when our time on earth will end and I want to leave a positive impression when I go!

Love and Respect is one we just finished this week in our small group....lots of good conversation starters in this one!

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