Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick baby girl

Recently we got initiated a little farther into parenthood. A couple of weeks ago we had our first trip to the ER. Landon's mom came over to watch Brielle at our house (because we don't want her in the church nursery getting sick ha!) while we went to small group, this was around 7:00 and Brielle was just fine. We got home around 8:30 and her little voice sounded a little raspy, I said "uh oh, I hope your not getting sick" my famous last words! We put her to bed at 9 and at 10:30 she woke up crying and couldn't catch her breath, this scared her so she cried harder which made her breathing even worse! Landon and I stood there and looked at each other for a second with terror in our eyes, like what do we do! I said "grab her coat we need to go the Emergancy room!" So on the way I called 911 while trying to calm her down. She finally calmed down enough on the way to start taking little breaths. We got to the ER and they said it would be a 3hr wait, so we called our Dr and she said absolutely not especially if she wasn't breathing, so I told the nurse and they got us right in. She had croup and we ended up spending two nights there! She slept 9 hours the second night dispite all the poking and prodding they did all night long to check her vitals.

She had to sleep under this tent for two nights and we had to try to keep her under it as much as possible during the day to help her breath. I slept with her the first night and it was awful! My heart goes out to parents with really sick kids who spend weeks in the hospital, I don't know how they do it!

Aren't these the SADDEST pictures ever!

Trying to have some fun with daddy

Happy to be leaving

Finally home, but still not feeling well at all

This picture breaks my heart, You want so badly to make it all better but there is nothing you can do, except sing songs and lots of extra cuddle time!

Since we couldn't really go anywhere for about a week we decided to get some cleaning done around the house, Landon put box after box of baby clothes in the attic, and I deep cleaned the house in hopes of clearing out all this sickness.

Floorboards gross!

not too bad for not being done in 6 months

I think she was trying to tell us she was sick of blowing her nose! She got so used to it she even sat still and let me use the nose sucker, I think she got to where she kinda liked it cause I would catch her trying to do it herself sometimes haha, bless her heart!

We had a couple of nice days so we let B play outside a bit, the cool air was good for her to breath in anyway.

I also decide to make myself and early birthday treat...CAKE BALLS MMMMMM!


  1. Poor Brielle! Definitely the saddest pictures ever! P.S. you make me want cake balls. How can I lose any baby weight when you make me want cake balls!?!

  2. So sad! I am glad that she is better. Beautiful cake balls and I bet they are yummy too!! :)

  3. Share that cake ball recipe!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!


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