Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All we do is eat!

I think all we did was eat this weekend! We had a great time doing it though!

Friday night we had our monthly girls night. We invited the boys this time since it was march madness!!!

Greg and Khara stealing my leftovers! Greg just made his way down the table eating everyones leftovers, I wanted to save mine for work the next day jerk!

We decided to go out afterwards, here's Landon and the guys (idiots, as I like to call them ha)

Pretending to be good at horseshoes, look at kaci's head in the left of the picture...hahaha!

I picked up a seasonal/holiday job working for Givenchy and handing out perfume samples, I love it! It is sooo much fun and I love having some spending money of my own! Here is Laurie and I at our display table.

Saturday we met some friends at Napolis, here is a recap of our night...

*Our reservation was at 7:30 and we didn't get seated till after 8!

*Our table smelt like the dirty rotten rag they cleaned it with, Landon had them
re-wipe it down.

*Our waiter didn't ask our friend Jessie what she wanted to drink, so she had to steal someone else's water cause he didn't come back forever.

*We found a dead ant in Greg's lemon, but the waiter assured us it was a seed. (Idiot)

* Lastly I woke up Sunday morning throwing up and some "other stuff I won't mention"! Apparently the shrimp was bad, I was so mad cause I hardly ate anything and had lots of leftovers, good thing I didn't eat a lot more!

We still had a lot of fun and I'm still gonna go back, there food is sooo good and I LOVE their patio area, this was just a crazy night I guess!

We also got to babysit Abner this weekend, He was bound and determined to get in the car and come home with me when I picked Brielle up Friday from my moms

How could I resist this sweet face!!!

Sunday we met the family at Rudys for Teresa's birtday

Sir, do you have a question???

Love this family!

What's that Gannpa?

Happy Birthday GiGi!!

Such a gentleman, helping a lady off a curb

Looking at the turtles in petco

Meeting Gigi, Gannpa and aunt kaytie at walmart to help them pick out a car seat for Brielle to have in their cars.

And last but not least....EMILY won!!! I have watched previous episodes of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but never have gotten so into one before! I almost had a heart attack every Monday night! There aren't very many people out there that are that beautiful on the outside, and most importantly on the inside too! I hope it works out for them!!! I really need to quit watching reality shows, my feelings get invested as if I really know these people, crazy I know but it's just my personality type

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  1. I love Landon's pink blankie! So sweet! haha.


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