Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St Patty's Part 2

Friday my friend Kaci asked B and I to meet her and Brogan at Frazzelberry,uuumm yes!!

Brielle waiting patiently in line

There was nowhere to sit of course so the back of Lee's truck was the perfect spot for the girls. Lovin Brogan's cowboy boots!

Friday night my aunt through a birthday party for tillie, that's my cousins dog.....yes dog!

They are dressed alike and didn't plan it, My mom and aunt hate to be dressed alike haha!

Tillie opening her presents from us

Sporting her new jacket

Me and Sherry Ann loving our new hats Kasey gave us!

Yay uncle Dawey is in town!!! He's so silly!

We headed to Shamrock Saturday for all the st. patty's day festivities

Quietly watching the parade, she had her eyes peeled for balloons!

Landon and I left the parade early to beat the crowd to the restaurant and look who came in after we got there, the Johnson's (one of the most caring and fun familys I know!) So we moved our seats together so we could all sit as one big bunch and drink green beer of course ha!

Landon left for Dallas on sunday and isn't getting back till friday (don't try any funny stuff creepers out there, I have an alarm system, a rottweiler and a gun and I know how to use them!) so we spent some time with my parents so I wouldn't feel so lonely,
Look what Lita found....

ooooOOOO a fuzzy black catapiller

Papa Lou aka-Daddy, Oscar and Brielle

What a "BIG" baby he turned out to be

Sliding with Auntie Ann

It amazes me what a big girl Brielle seems to be sometimes, I still think of her as a baby, but it baffles me how much she is doing in just a year!

Brielle definitely has the coolest dog at the park!!!

Abuelita is still a kid at heart

I decide to get some blonde for the spring, I totally look better with dark hair but I think I'm liking it, It's a fun change

I'm leaving the Colombian behind and gonna try being a white girl for the summer haha

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  1. your hair looks great!!! Looks like you guys are having lots of fuN! What a precious family!


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