Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patty's Day Fun

We started the day at my friend Shannon's house, we have a playdate every thursday morning almost...for some reason I got too caught up in talking to take pictures.

Then we had laugh and learn at the library

Then it was off to Chick Fil A with some friends!
Here is Brielle and Maddie

Jessica & Grayson, and Sharon and James

Jackie and I at the girl table

Then it was off to the park

Giving James a kiss!! She kissed two of her other friends at the library today too! Such a sweet girl she is!

Then we were off to a Dr Appt, B woke up with a croupy cough AGAIN on Saturday, she's been on medicine since Monday but I wanted to make sure her ears were ok since last time this happened she got a double ear infection.

She has been sooo scared of the Dr. since her stay in the hospital and cries bloody mary anytime someone just walks into the room. Today she did so great, I was very proud of her, she only fussed for a minute while they checked everything, I think we will still get her a dr's kit so she can work on her babies at home ha.

Here ears were fine but we did come home with a breathing treatment machine.

After nap we played outside with toys and sidewalk chalk

In awe of the Ice Cream truck!

Clapping along to the tune

There she goes again, running around with her tummy sticking out hahaha!

Poor dozer, he doesn't understand why he has to share his dog toys, He's such a good dog, I can take a bone away from him and he doesn't even flinch, I bet most people can't say that about their poodles!ha!

Woohoo, stole it back

Dada's home, time for some sports!

Uh oh, we got dirty

Poor thing, something scared the poo out of her and she came screaming and running into my arms

She did awesome with her treatment, poor sweet angel!

I went to the Dr. today too, I feel a sinus infection coming on and I have way too many plans this weekend to get sick so I wanted to nip it in the butt, literally, I got a shot in the keester! haha hopefully I will feel better soon!

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